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Nice holster... by Cageman on 12/24/2020
Glock - 21 ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

I just received this holster and haven't broken it in yet. It has a nice click when holstering and the thumb press is fantastic. The thumb press is slightly pushung out towards my leg instead of down to unlock and happened several times until I got used to it, so it's definitely an extra step of security so not anyone can pull my gun from from my holster. It positions nicely so I can get a natural angle on it when firing so it actually is more comfortable than I thought it would be and feels secure, but always feels like I strapped on some Haynes boxers shorts instead of a tactical weapon holster. If the straps and clasps hold up to abuses in the field then it will definitely be a class 1 holstering system, but time will tell.

Excellent holster by John on 12/23/2020
Springfield XDs 3.3 Cloak Belt Holster

If you are looking for an excellent holster for a Springfield xds 9mm, look no further. Fit and retention is great. And it is extremely comfortable to wear. Shipment was fast. Received it 4 days after placing my order. Highly recommend Alien Gear. This is my 4th holster I have ordered for my pistols and am always satisfied.

Shape Shifter after 1 month by Chas on 12/23/2020
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I am very happy with my new holsters !! Quality and price are great, after one month the value is well worth the price. One product with 3 options, hope I don't wear it out before I pick a favorite position.

Great product. could be a little longer by X on 12/23/2020
Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster

I own several Alien gear holsters and as with all the others, the craftsmanship is impeccable. I only wish the barrel length had been maybe 1/4" deeper as my officers model 1911 bottoms out a bit too soon keeping the trigger guard form seating fully and allowing the gun to be a little loose. Other than that it is extremely well made and very comfortable

Doesnt fit Glock 26 Mag by John on 12/23/2020
Single Cloak Mag Carrier

Will not fit a Glock 26 Magazine as described.

Overall a pretty sweet holster! by Mark on 12/23/2020
S&W M&P Shield 9mm ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

S&W M&P Shield 9mm ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster: I like this holster a lot. High quality, and it wears comfortably. The only minor "issue" is the standard clips are freakin' tight! I find it frustrating to put on, and take off. But after a month of use, it seems to be loosening up a bit. But, it ain't gonna fall off, and no one is going to take it off you either. So, I can't really complain! I'd definitely recommend this holster.

good product by Art on 12/20/2020
Alien Gear Cloak Chest Holster

I bought the chest holster for my ruger speed six 357 4in barrel,and yes it does fit this holster.I called ruger and found out what the cylender miked out to and then had mine miked there was about a 100 thousandth of a in difference between the two guns. the gp100 and my speed six. the only thing I wish is the one stripe that goes around the chest was about 12in longer.other wise its is a good holster.Thank you Art B

Very comfortable and well made by Trucker Tim on 12/20/2020
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

As a flatbed truck driver I do a lot of load securement, so I'm always lifting, bending, climbing, squatting and twisting. Very physical work! I'm also sitting in the driver's seat for hours at a time. I sometimes put in 12-14 hour days. I tried a bunch of different holsters I borrowed from my NRA training instructor but couldn't find anything I really liked. My buddy Brian (a longtime CCW holder whose advice re:firearms I always trust) showed me his Shapeshifter holster and told me to look at Aliengear. I ordered one and I've been wearing my IWB Shapeshifter with my Walther PPS M2 for a couple months now. It's so comfortable I hardly notice it. It has a very smooth draw, stays very secure, doesn't dig into my side and provides excellent concealment. I wore it for a whole day running errands with my wife and she couldn't tell I was carrying. I wore right out of the box without having to do any adjustments. Excellent holster, best I ever had! Highly recommend it.

Perfect for My XD-s .45 ACP Six-Round Magazines by The Gray Man on 12/20/2020
Grip Tuck Mag Carrier

I have used a lot of different IWB magazine holders for my XD-s magazines and have been happy with none of them... until now. The ones I just received from Alien Gear are wonderful. Very comfortable, very easy to wear, and very easy to get my mags out whenever I want.

Most advanced ankle holster I have seen by Mark on 12/19/2020
ShapeShift Ankle Holster

Just received my Shape Shift Ankle Holster for a S+W 380 and am pleased to say it was worth the wait and the money spent It took a while to make the multi level adjustments but once completed, it fit perfectly. I am wearing it around the house and have already forgot it was strapped around my left ankle.. Also, it took a while to break it down and put it back together but it is vital to understand how it works and how to adjust. Look for the (snap in place sound)

loses grip and retention by kalashmatt762 on 12/19/2020
Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster

holster is great, but loses it's grippiness over time would love to see more iwb and owb holsters for the cz-82 with adjustable retention, and atleast for the shapeshift line of holsters i would love to buy a shapeshift core pack if they made holsters for the cz-82, overall holster value is great, and i used while it still had its grippiness left for holding the handgun in, but for price its good for appendix. i feel like it needs a revision with adjustable retention, or atleast make shapeshift line of holsters for the cz-82

Solid holster for winter wear by Hikr on 12/18/2020
Springfield Hellcat ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

I purchased this for wearing under a coat and openly in a permissive environment. The gun simply cannot come out by accident, even while doing physical ranch work. This is solid, as if Carhartt made holsters. Looks nice too.

Great customer service by PB on 12/18/2020
Cloak Dock OWB Holster Mount

I really like the holster and use it every day. Perfect fit. It had a screw come out, which was probably my fault. Heather L, promptly sent a new part at no charge and I fixed the holster good as new. Thanks!

My opinion of the shoulder holster by Scott on 12/18/2020
Keltec PMR-30 Cloak Shoulder Holster

In my opinion the shoulder holster is garbage! To many tiny parts, uncomfortable, either saggy or to tight no where in between. I'd love to see a video of an everyday carry not a rep of this company. Guess I'll waste my money again on another one of your many products.

Very tiring trying to put on by Gareth on 12/17/2020
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

It was very tiring trying to put this holster on. I had to sit in a chair for a few hours to readjust but I do have a disability also which is why I want to carry my gun in the first place. I also tried the shapeshift holsters and exchanged for this. These holsters just seem not to work for human beings. Maybe the aliens have a different anatomy than what we have. Great materials but not a great holster.

Comfortable but spooky. by Barry on 12/17/2020
Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster

Originally purchased the wrong size and AG was great about an exchange! Received the correct one and am amazed at how comfortable it is. The bigger plus is that it fits my Kimber EVO SP CS and my Ruger SR22. These Grip Tuck units are great for athletic sportswear and active people! My only concern is that AG should offer a choice of Belt Clips. I see the value of a tool=less clip that comes with it but it does swivel on said pivot during certain activities. I called customer service who graciously asked about a "Custom" unit but the refuse to do so. So now I am forced to buy their hardware kit and the belt clip they offer on their storefront to correct their design. (IMHO only) FYI I am buying two kits and clips as I have also purchased a mag carrier. Also, I think AG should offer Sheets of this Grip-Tuck Material and trim, so that us DIY guy's and gal's can customize it for other apps. IE knife sheaths, Spray devices, Would/will I buy it again? Yes definitely.

Not too bad. by Wayne on 12/16/2020
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I bought this holster at the same time I purchased my Cloak Tuck holster for my EDC gun. It's a very comfortable holster and I see it to be best suited to someone who occasionally changes their carry gun as the synthetic backing material does not take a "set" so it makes more sense for swapping out the shells when you change your EDC. I'd have given value and price better ratings but I have a hard time paying more for a fully synthetic holster with less options over the Cloak Tuck.

Best value in EDC holsters. by Wayne on 12/16/2020
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I just ordered another Cloak Tuck because of my experience with the first one I bought a year or so ago. I'd have given five stars for their quality but the screws loosening all the time prevented it. A simple application of Loctite takes care of that. When I bought my first one, I also purchased a Tuck 3.5 for another gun of mine and although it's a decent holster, I prefer the original Cloak Tuck. The leather backing takes a "set" to the gun and I like that. Probably the best value in an IWB holster out there.

Left handed model can not be assembled by Brian on 12/16/2020
Springfield Hellcat OSP ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I received my left handed Shape Shift Core carry pack for my Hellcat OSP. The design for the left handed model with the shield for the optic does not allow the product to be assembled in 2 of the 4 configurations. When I called customer service they were very aware of the issue but are continuing to sell the product to customers anyway. Very disappointing..

good holster too bulky by BRIAN on 12/16/2020
Glock - 26 ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster

very good quality holster, but it is way too bulky. Seems like Alien Gear got tried too much and ended up missing the whole reason for the IWB holster. It would have made a better OWB holster

Conceal Carry Cloak Belt Holsters by Mike on 12/15/2020
Glock - 42 Cloak Belt Holster

Being new to Conceal Carry I chose the AG Cloak Belt Holster for my LCP 2. First day I wore it empty all day to get the feel of it over the right rear area pocket. It was so comfortable, I forgot I was wearing it. Next day I had my LCP2 in it and still felt great. After a week or so I ordered another for my Hellcat and a Glock.

5 stars by james on 12/14/2020
S&W SD9 VE ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

Good price, great quality and comfort. Works as advertised. I can see myself buying more gear from you guys. Thank you.

It Squeaks and make noise by Don on 12/14/2020
H&K P30sk Cloak Shoulder Holster

So much for concealed - everyone asks why I am squeaking and creaking. Every joint on this shoulder holster make loud noise with every little movement. Very disappointed and plan to return.

Best Thing I seen by Hillbilly on 12/14/2020
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I just been told that I would not be able to walk again... well being in a wheel chair causes a problem caring so when I seen the shapeshif core carry pack with four different way to carry I thought this is it..well made and easy to change to different modes of carry I should find one ...Thank You for you great product

Minor flaw but still great by Grant on 12/13/2020
Rapid Force Duty Holster

I purchased this holster to replace another name brand holster. The holster has a good build quality however I noticed that the holster tends to rub the slide while being drawn. It does not come with the locking quick disconnect like shown in the video however if you have a RTI rig you can put a safari land to RTI adapter on it and it works fine. The belt adapter that it comes with also works with Molle belts. I will keep using the holster for my Glock with TLR-1HL attached because of its quality.

Not that great. by KJF on 12/12/2020
Ruger P95 Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

i bought this on 8/29/2017. I have used it since then and now it is time to leave my review. Terrible design as my gun was new and this was the only holster it was ever placed in out the box. I know have wear marks from the holster on the end of my barrel on the slide as well as the plastic is scuffed up now. The holster has always been mounted and never allowed to slide around or move. It is not what I expected and now I have scuffs that cannot be fixed from my pistol. I really loved it at first until I realized what it had been doing to my pistol all these years. Not very happy with the result and wouldn't recommend it to anyone now. i use to tell everyone to get this pistol holster and they would be happy. Only having used it this long I now know better then to use it now. Over 3 years of use and not very happy.

Another great Alien Gear product by Weigie on 12/11/2020
ShapeShift OWB Paddle Carry Expansion Pack

Got the OWB Paddle holster to go along with my IWB and ankle holsters from Alien Gear. I like you have the option that you can change to a slide thru for your belt, which I may try later.. This is very comfortable to wear and securely holds my firearm . Another great addition to my carry needs from Alien Gear. And it is nice to have such a great company here in Idaho.

Best Warranty Replacement EVER by Danny Boy on 12/11/2020
Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster Base for Semi-Automatics

I had to do a warranty replacement on my 3.5 after 2.5 years. I was concerned about being without a holster for a while, but the young lady had an answer...... I bought a new base-- they sent it-- and they credited me back the cost of the base when I sent the old one back.... So easy, so painless.

Too Tight!!! by Tim on 12/11/2020
Sport Tuck Belly Band Expansion Pack

Ordered this in a medium as I have a 36 inch waist and it is way too tight! I think I may have to try a different something different Reading the reviews it appears that I am not the only one with this problem, perhaps you need to redo your sizes!!!

Love this holster for EDC by Goose on 12/11/2020
Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I have tried several holsters and find this the most comfortable and secure! I was recommended to try it and now I recommend it to everyone I meet!

Great holster and mag pouches, but the rig was too large for me. by NinoLeStad on 12/11/2020
1911 - 5 inch ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

The holster is great, The gun is locked in well, but the thumb release is excellent. Easy draw. The retention settings on the mag pouches can be customized to be as tight or loose as you wish depending on the cant you choose. I love it, which is why I am bummed out that it is too large for me. I am 5' 6" tall and have a short torso. To get the straps to fit on my belt I have to adjust the rig to the smallest possible. When I do that the holster and pouches are right under my underarms and very uncomfortable and restricting of movement. If I lower that part so the holster and pouches ride in a comfortable location, the straps are too long and hang below my belt even at the shortest setting. Sorry, but am probably going to have to return the rig even though the holster and pouches are excellent.

This holster is way to complicated. by Patriotic-Gun-Toting-American on 12/11/2020
ShapeShift Ankle Holster

If you're looking for a simple ankle holster, this most definitely isn't the one.

Excellent by Q on 12/10/2020
Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster

This is the best holster so far I have in my collection. The material feels very comfortable against. I would definitely suggest this holster for everyday carry if you haven't got one already.

VERY SATISFIED by TIM on 12/10/2020
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack


Love this product by Jdouglas on 12/10/2020
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I now have four weapons that I use the shapeshifter for I have a 1911 that I use it and I have to Walters a p p q and a p p s and now I have it for my Smith & Wesson Shield 9 m m I have to say this is a great product I have had no problems with it and it fits perfectly against my body and I'm a big guy actually called customer support today to find out how to get more stuff for it and they talk me through how to find it on the web page excellent customer support and a great concept of a product if you want a holster this is the great thing to get and it's great for me because I'm left-handed it's hard to find left-handed holsters with this much versatility

Quick Draw! by Dylan on 12/08/2020
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

My draw is so quick with this thing! Easy to put on, slender. Great product!

Nice holster, just won't fit the gun w laser as advertised by Ed on 12/08/2020
Alien Gear Grip Tuck Universal Holster

I purchased two of these holsters selecting laser with each, one for my FNH 5.7 and one for my Sig P-938 Legion. Both weapons are equipped with Viridian Lasers. and on the website, each has a drop-down to select if laser-equipped. Neither weapon fit the holsters received. Chatted with customer service who could only tell me I had ordered the largest they make and apologized that they do not fit offering to accept a return. Who wants to go to the post office during this season to stand in line? Anyway, the 5.7 will not even go into the holster, but I do have a Barretta 92FS Inox with out laser that fits it fine. I just don't carry this weapon, but I can use the holster for storage. The Sig 938 will fit in if I push extremely hard, but need a winch to pull it out. The big problem occurs when shoving on it to get it into the holster it pushes the slide back, not far enough to cock it, but it could cause a mis-load or jam. Customer Service agreed they should list the specific lasers or remove the options from these two firearms. I will just throw these in a drawer until I find a use for them.

The BEST holster System I Own by Jim on 12/08/2020
H&K VP9sk ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

This is my first Alien Gear Holster. I have several other brands of holsters and they are fine. However, the 'ShapeShift Core Carry Pack' is by far the best holster. It is not just a holster, but a holster system. I bought the system for the four different types of carry in one system. To my surprise, there are different configurations within the four types. I am impressed with the box that the system comes with. Every part is labeled and in its own slot. The parts are not just thrown in a bag for you to figure out the parts. The Alien Gear packaging is the standard. The included instructions are well-done and easy to understand. The video instructions on the website are great and I used them to set up my system. I would use the video instructions first to become familiar with the system and then use the written instructions as a guide. I bought this system for my H&K VP9 SK. The gun fits into the holster perfectly. I like that I can adjust the retention without any tools. By far, the best holster system I own. It is hard to believe that such a well-engineered and built holster comes at a very reasonable price.

Good quality poor comfort by Brett on 12/08/2020
Canik TP9 Elite SC Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

The quality is good but the metal rivets dig into my back and side. This holster is not comfortable to wear for me.

Super well built and comfortable by Chad on 12/07/2020
Springfield - 1911 EMP 3 inch Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Before I bought this IWB holster I asked a buddy of mine who I knew had one, whether it was worth it or not. He told me Alien Gear makes the best holsters without a doubt and that he owned three of them. So off his recommendation I bought one. I have to say, I am so glad I did. This holster feels great! Sometimes when im walking around i forget that I am wearing it. It is a little uncomfortable sitting down in a car or truck the way I carry, but that's not the holsters fault, You have a chunk of steel in your waist band, thats what causes the discomfort. But its not unbearable, I just dont recommend any long drives while wearing it at the 4 to 6 carry.

I am very happy with my holster by Patrick on 12/06/2020
Ruger American Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

I bought a OTW holster for my Beretta PX4 storm sub compact and I love it. For a sub compact my gun is pretty big but with this holster it carries pretty nice. The customer service was great! I lost a screw that retains one of the belt loops on and they sent me a new one plus a few extra at no charge. .I am looking at another one for my back up gun.. Quality is great and they make them here in the USA

Great Looking Holster by Jose on 12/06/2020
IWI Masada Cloak Belt Holster

This holster delivered what I was looking for. Very sturdy and perfect fit for my weapon. Thank you so much!

Mag Carrier by Danny on 12/05/2020
Double Cloak Mag Carrier

Very good Quality holds the mag in place with the right amount of tension

Holster by Danny on 12/05/2020
Sig P365 ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I carry a Sig P365 everyday in my waistband. Gun stays put and does not move around. Very low profile minimal printing even when just wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Retention is very positive and easily adjustable I like having options for carrying whether it be inside the waistband or outside waistband. Buying multiple different holsters can get expensive so this was an ideal kit for me

Shapeshift Core Carry Pack for Glock 30s by Jeremy on 12/05/2020
ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

This is an absolutely fantastic holster, I have a Glock 30S, and the website lists as they don't have a compatible Core Carry Pack for that gun, I took a chance and ordered the one for the Glock 30SF as the frame of the 30S is, in fact, an SF frame and the gun fits in the holster perfectly like it was made for it. The slide doesn't wobble at all and the gun clicks right into it with correct tension and retention. If anyone is on the fence, buy this holster for your gun, you wont regret it. I really hope Aliengear updates their website with this information for the 30S, as it is a great 45 double stack glock that works with their 30SF holster.

Not Meant for Petite Women by Shelby on 12/05/2020
Sport Tuck Belly Band Expansion Pack

The belly band itself is super nice and comfortable. I'm 5'2 and have a short torso and this belly band was not a good fit whatsoever. Nothing bad about the actual product though, maybe just not the best for short women.

Great product by rich on 12/04/2020
Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Really a first rate product. This is only my second holster. Should have bought this one first. That said, I advise buyer not to use Mail Innovation for shipping. This stayed lost in their system forever. no tracking moved along at all. Spend the extra change and use UPS ground or something like that. But as far as Alien folks,- they were helpful. But I will definitely buy from them again. Thanks

Best Holsters I have ever used, wearing one right now! by Sheepdog on 12/04/2020
Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

Been using Alien Gear holsters since before the "shape shift", and the 2.0/4.0 etc. models existed. I currently own 4 "shells", one old school IWB leather revolver specific model, 2 neoprene IWB types for the other three other gun specific shells, and the shape shift shell with the molle, backpack, and paddle attachments. Other than a few screws "backing out" of the old school IBW models (lock-tite works great, btw), I have had no issues with any of these model, and I carry everyday, FOR WELL OVER FIVE YEARS NOW! The adjustable draw tension, the comfort of carry, the carry gun flexibility, and now the mode of carry with the shape shift exceed my expectations. The active retention option with the shape shift (at no cost and easily removable), still provides lightning fast draws, (with minimal practice), yet held firm when a huge Marine friend of mine tried to remove my weapon from the holster, (with my knowledge as a test). Despite me being literally lifted off the ground by his attempt, (courtesy of a quality carry belt and high end duty pants securing the paddle attachment), the firearm remained safely in the holster, the paddle remained safely attached to my belt and pants, and the shell attachment point (which allows for mount interchangeability) remained undamaged and fully functional. The variable length, optional positive locking, 360 degree on demand cant option (as with nearly all of the shape shift mount options), molle attachment works great on the molle compatible mag shingle attached to my level 4 vest, and allows for pistol placement when/if I need to switch from paddle/OTW carry, simply by remounting my shell, (without tools and in seconds) from one mount option to the other. (Be mindful of the placement of Armor/backpack mount locations if you expect to simultaneously utilize a sling carried rifle, as the shape shift may present a sling entanglement issue, as it is more high profile and has deeper intrinsic "catch points/recesses", than some other less adaptable molle pistol rigs.) Due to an ordering mistake, which was entirely my fault, I can attest to the attentiveness, responsiveness, and professional nature of Alien Gear's staff. Presumably, that same quality of service, at Alien Gear, would exist if I ever encountered a product failure, WHICH I HAVE NOT! If these guys make a shell for your pistol, which chances are they do, don't think twice about buying from them. I trust my life, the lives of my family, and the lives of anyone else I may need to protect, with these holsters. You should as well.

doesn't fit this guy shoulders by Ziggy on 12/03/2020
Beretta 92 - Full Size (Also fits M9) ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

i love the look and the way it is put together but it doesn't fit me right my shoulders are broad and I'm a big guy so if you are a big guy with broad shoulders don't git it

Good overall holster by IlanV on 12/02/2020
Alien Gear ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

Well made and sort of no printing at all.. but It is a "hot " holster and while gun somewhat protected from sweat ( nice touch, tho) you are sweating for sure.... used on and off range with no issues whatsoever

Alien Gear Holsters is ranked 4.81 out of 5. Based on 8300 user reviews.