Ruger LC9s Pro AIWB Holster


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Ruger LC9S Pro AIWB Holster

A reliable subcompact is a staple for everyday carry. If the gun owner chooses to appendix carry it, then the holster must be just as reliable and comfortable as the handgun it's made to hold. The ShapeShift Ruger LC9s Pro AIWB holster offers exactly that in a modular, adaptable, durable, concealable and comfortable system.

Let's start with comfort. This Ruger appendix holster has a backer with four researched and cohesive materials. A closed-cell, perforated neoprene layer rests against the body, cushioning the holster and wicking away moisture from that handgun. A layer of proprietary, flexible spring steel rests at the core of the holster and acts as the backbone, while a high drag textile encloses both it and a layer of ballistic nylon.

It rides high enough on the waistband and close enough to the body that it seems like an extension of the concealed carrier, molding and reacting to the body's movement without any noticeable printing.

The durable shell is made of injection-molded polymer to precisely fit a Ruger LC9s Pro, enclosing the trigger guard and slide. The shell is constructed with individual components made from that same injection-molded polymer.

The backer can be uninstalled without tools and replaced with any of the available ShapeShift holster options, allowing you to transition from appendix carry the moment you want a different carry system. You can also control the retention, and therefore how tight or loose the draw is, in this Ruger LC9s Pro AIWB holster with a custom, included retention bar.

Try it out for a month under our 30-Day Test Drive, and if it doesn't fit your needs we'll buy it back from you, no questions asked. The ShapeShift holster is also covered under Alien Gear's Forever Warranty — if there's ever an issue with the holster's parts or materials, we'll fix or replace it.
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