Ruger SR40c ShapeShift Ankle Holster


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You would only think you couldn't carry with a Ruger SR40c ankle holster with lesser models of ankle holster. Many are designed to only really work with light, tiny guns. If only some holster company put in a bit of legwork to figure out how to make a quality model that was capable of ankle carrying virtually any pistol…

That is where Alien Gear comes in. Our ankle holster for Ruger SR40c pistols is designed to carry any pistol well, especially the Ruger SR40c. It is also designed to avoid the typical pitfalls of ankle carry, such as discomfort and poor fit and retention.

Never worry about the holster slipping out of position. Our SR40c ankle carry holster employs a two-piece design, with a heel strap and ankle strap and a durable polymer insert holding the two together. The insert, part of the ankle strap, is placed into a pocket on the heel strap. This creates a solid, secure carry platform that won't shift or otherwise move once put together.

This holster doesn't move when you do. Walk, jump, stays put.

The strapping itself is our Cool Vent neoprene, which is perforated to breathe against the skin and wicks away moisture. You'll notice the different from other ankle holsters when your skin doesn't end up chafed, boiled or otherwise overheated while carrying.

The holster itself is the ShapeShift shell system, custom molded for your SR40c pistol. Fit is custom, with no need for break-in. It's ready to carry right out of the box. The ShapeShift shell system fully wraps the trigger guard for added protection, and you can adjust the passive retention for the perfect draw. Ride height can also be adjusted for the perfect carry position.

Don't just take our word for it - take this holster for a Test Drive! The Alien Gear product guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase, so you can wear it up to a month to see if it meets your expectations. We also fully warranty the holster for life, so no worries about any damage or other issues. We back this product, and once you wear it, we think you will too.

This is a shift in what you can expect from a Ruger SR40c ankle holster. Schedule your test drive today!
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