Ruger SR40c ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster


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At its core, this pistol is made to be low profile, but the ShapeShift Ruger SR40C IWB holster manages to provide even deeper concealment with thorough comfort and tested reliability. Alien Gear decided to reinvent this classic concealed carry method into a modern, modular system to meet every demand.

It's not just talk. The material and holster system provides results.

The backer on this Ruger SR40C IWB holster has four precisely chosen materials: a soft, moisture-wicking neoprene to provide all-day comfort; a spring steel core for flexible structure that contorts to the body; a layer of ballistic nylon for added durability; and our high drag Alien Skin thermo elastomer texture on the front to minimize wear on the handgun and contribute to retention.

Install the retention bar for the preferred level of security on the firearm and move the clips to match the right degree cant for a more accessible draw.

The shell on this Ruger SR40C IWB holster is injection-molded with a high strength polymer, the same that is used in firearm production. It's made specifically to fit your Ruger SR40C and will envelop the trigger guard and slide to bolster passive retention. Made with the same polymer, the durable parts holding it all together will never break.

If any portion or component of the holster somehow becomes an issue, we will fix it or send you a new holster as part of our lifetime warranty. Give it a 30-day test drive, and if you don't like it, we'll buy it back from you. No questions asked.

Want to conceal elsewhere on the waistband or body? Switch out that backer without the need for any tools and convert it into an appendix holster, belt slide or OWB paddle at any time.

This holster is the next step in concealed carry.
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