ShapeShift S&W M&P Shield 9mm Appendix Carry Holster


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S&W Shield AIWB Holster

The typical limitations of an S&W Shield appendix IWB holster can be overcome. This is exactly what the ShapeShift is designed to do.

Where does the typical Shield appendix holster fall short? First is in comfort. Kydex pancake holsters aren't the most comfortable to carry, and leather holsters get a bit hot in warm weather. The ShapeShift, however, uses a comfortable backer made from our Cool Vent perforated neoprene, a spring steel and woven nylon core, and our textured surface.

It sits in the waistband comfortably, breathing and wicking away moisture, while flexing to fit your shape and moving with you.

Some Shield 9 AWIB holster models are just minimalist generic holsters that sort of fit all guns. The ShapeShift is molded precisely for the Shield 9mm. The trigger guard is fully wrapped, offering a greater degree of security and a better fit than any other holster can.

Passive retention with the Shield 9 appendix carry holster is completely customizable with the included Adjustable Retention Unit. You can also adjust the cant at the shell attachment, giving you the option to adjust the angle your grip sits at.

You can also choose between a small or large appendix carry belt clip with your Smith and Wesson M&P Shield 9 IWB appendix holster.

You aren't likely to find an appendix carry holster that conceals as easily or carries as comfortably anywhere else in the galaxy.

Not convinced? We'll give a month to make up your mind. The ShapeShift comes with a 30-day trial period after purchase, so you can return the holster for a full refund if unsatisfied for the first month of ownership.

You probably won't want to take it off.

We also guarantee the holster fully for life, against any damage or defect. Granted, damage isn't likely - the new proprietary polymer of the ShapeShift is practically unbreakable under normal conditions...and we tried. You can rest easy knowing that should anything happen to your holster, we will fix it or send you a brand new one.

It's time to Shift into a better carry.
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