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S&W M&P Shield 9mm ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

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Shield 9mm Drop Leg Holster

Why not carry your M&P Shield 9 in an M&P Shield 9 thigh holster? You should be able to carry however you want and when you want to, and people with smaller hands don't necessarily want to only carry a full-size double-stack in a thigh holster.

You shouldn't have your carry choices restricted due to the gun that you carry. It's senseless, and that's exactly why Alien Gear is here to give you the S&W M&P Shield drop leg holster in the ShapeShift line. This holster was created to give you a greater freedom of choice in how you can carry a firearm.

The ShapeShift system allows for the carrier to seamlessly shift between carry configurations with only a moment needed to change between them. So long as you have the gear to make the switch, you can have multiple carry options available whenever you want, including a Shield leg holster.

The thigh rig includes a dock for the full-wrap ShapeShift shell configuration. Open the dock, insert the docking spline and lock in place once you've set the cant angle of your choosing. You then have an open carry rig for your Shield, perfect for wearing around the home, on the trails in the backcountry or at the range.

Set retention to the level you want, with the Adjustable Retention Unit dialing in the perfect passive retention level or install the thumb release for active retention...or deploy both for full Level II retention.

You can also take the holster off the leg rig and dock with a belt attachment or ShapeShift holster mount docking point. Such is the versatility of the ShapeShift - carry how you want, when you want to.

Don't worry about this holster - the ShapeShift has been engineered to take whatever you can dish out. Our proprietary polymer blend has been tested and refined to be nearly unbreakable under normal conditions and believe us, we tried. If it does, however, don't worry because the ShapeShift M&P Shield 9 thigh holster is backed by our Forever Warranty, a full and comprehensive lifetime warranty on the holster.

Not convinced? Try a test drive. You get the first 30 days of ownership to decide if this holster is up to your standards. Return it before the end of that time if that's not the case and receive a full refund.

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