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Shoulder Holster

A Modern Shoulder Holster For Concealed Carry


The shoulder holster is arguably the most iconic holster style known to man.

Dirty Harry. James Bond. Sonny Crockett. They all wore a shoulder holster.

However, a leather shoulder holster is so much more than a movie prop. It's a functional, comfortable and stylish method for carrying a gun...when it's made correctly. We're here to equip you with one that is.

Start With The Right Shoulder Holster Materials

We started over at square one to make a shoulder holster using a blend of classic and modern materials. You'll notice the difference when carrying, as this makes your holster so much easier to carry all day than more outdated or less durable designs.

We start with leather straps, as a leather shoulder holster strap system is an ideal blend of strength and suppleness. You get the supple feel of the premium leather, but also the necessary support to carry your gun securely.

The holster and magazine carrier base pads have a backing layer of ventilated neoprene, which allows the material to breathe while being worn. Never worry about hot spots, chafing or friction.

The strapping is articulated, with a clover harness that lets the straps move with you.

The custom-molded polymer retention shell of your concealed carry shoulder holster ensures the pistol is secured when inserted, and the draw is uninhibited by an improper fit or materials.

Your Choice Of Shoulder Holster Shell System

We specialize in the hybrid design style, so you have your choice of shell system when it comes to your shoulder holster.

ShapeShift shoulder holsters use the ShapeShift Modular Shell System, with a full wrap of the trigger guard and swappable holster shell. You can easily swap the holster shell from your shoulder holster to any other ShapeShift holster base, or swap multiple ShapeShift shells on your shoulder holster.

The Cloak series uses a hard-mounted shell, attached via adjustable mounting hardware. While the shell can be changed, it's really more meant to be a dedicated application rather than swapping shells constantly.

Configurable Shoulder Holster

Your concealed carry shoulder holster is configurable and adjustable, so you can configure it to your needs.

The magazine base pad is cant adjustable, so you can adjust the holster to ride how you want. You can use the standard horizontal or change it for use as a vertical shoulder holster. The straps can be adjusted for a higher or lower ride height and to set the proper length for comfort.

The standard shoulder holster configuration includes a second base with two magazine carriers, but your shoulder holster can be ordered with a base pad for a second gun, or you can purchase an additional base pad if you want to have the option of carrying your reload in magazines or carrying your reload wrapped in a spare gun.

Belt hooks are included as well, which help snug the harness to the body. However, they are removable if you don't want to use them.

Your Shoulder Holster Is Guaranteed For Life

Your shoulder holster comes backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee, a comprehensive product guarantee covering the holster for life.

You start with a 30-Day Test Drive trial period after purchase, so you can wear the holster around and return it if you need to.

Never worry about an expired warranty. Your shoulder holster comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty. If anything happens, we will fix or replace your holster as long as you have it.

This is a new standard in shoulder holsters. All of the benefits, with none of the drawbacks of traditional shoulder holster designs. Take one for a 30 Day Test Drive today, and find out for yourself...