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Shoulder Holster

Hybrid Leather Shoulder Holster for Concealed Carry

The leather shoulder holster for concealed carry is a timeless classic. It's an iconic symbol in the gun community — a legend in pop culture that's fondly remembered.

These days, though, that's all it is: a memory. Its popularity has dwindled as more advancements are developed for inside and outside the waistband holsters.

We sought to fix that with the ShapeShift Shoulder Holster. Mechanical engineers and product designers worked to update the materials, functionality and form factor of this American classic.

A Modern Take on a Concealed Carry Classic

The ShapeShift Shoulder Holster pays respect to the strength and durability of prior leather shoulder holsters by including premium English Bridle Leather, but has a few tricks up its sleeve by borrowing elements from hybrid holsters.

CoolVent™ Neoprene is sewn with edge binding beneath to cushion the holster and wick sweat from the leather. Within the core of the contoured shoulder harness, elastic is embedded to allow the harness to fit more comfortably and move with the body during daily activity.

The leather harness, centered between the shoulder blades and wrapped over the shoulder, connects below the armpit and anchors at the beltline with a polymer belt hook connected to elastic — to help fit different body types and waistlines.

Combination Holster and Mag Carrier

The holster supports different carry configurations, the primary being one handgun and two mag carriers. The platforms that hold the handgun and the mag carrier can be canted to different angles and adjusted to different ride heights.

As part of a modular system, the shell can be uninstalled and reconfigured with the appropriate expansion packs for different carry styles like strong-side IWB or ankle carry.

Don't worry about trying out this new take on a traditional carry style — we offer a 30-Day Test Drive and a lifetime warranty on all components.