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Single Cloak Mag Carrier

The Cloak Mag Carrier is patent pending.

The Cloak Mag Holster is the most innovative magazine holster on the planet! Built with a premium engineered polymer, Alien Gear Holsters' newest addition is capable of being worn as an IWB mag carrier (inside-the-waistband) or OWB Mag Carrier (outside-the-waistband). The comfortable, concealable mag carrier is also capable of cant and retention adjustment – everything you could possibly need in a magazine holder!

IWB Magazine Holster

We've designed the Cloak Mag Carrier with a removable neoprene base to provide as much comfort as possible. This cushy, formfitting material will conform to your side — making it the ultimate concealable inside-the-waistband mag carrier. We also include a low-profile IWB belt clip with every order for enhanced concealment. This mag carrier works best with belts up to 1.5" in width.

OWB Magazine Holster

If you'd prefer to carry an outside-the-waistband mag carrier, simply remove the neoprene backer and snap in the extra supportive OWB belt clip. This component offers superior stability to your outside-the-waistband magazine holster.

Mag Holster Features

Retention and security are of the utmost importance to us, but so is customization. To ensure the perfect level of retention, we've incorporated adjustable retention into the features of each and every Cloak Mag Carrier. Set the retention level of your choosing.

While most mag holster competitors skimp on customizations, we've designed the Cloak Mag Carrier with a variety of adjustments. Our cutting-edge mag holders are built with customizable cant, allowing you to attain the perfect angle with your spare magazine. The Cloak Mag Carrier can be rotated in 22.5-degree increments. It all comes down to personal carry preference!

We proudly guarantee our workmanship with our 30-Day Test Drive and Forever Warranty. If anything breaks on your American-made Cloak Mag Carrier, we'll repair or replace it for free—no questions asked.

Discover the most advanced mag holster on the planet today!

This order includes the following items:
• 1 Magazine Bucket (to house your magazine)
• 1 IWB Backer (for concealed carry)
• 1 Tuckable IWB Belt Clip
• 1 OWB Wide Belt Clip
• 1 Allen Key (for retention adjustment)

Learn more about the Cloak Mag Carrier’s revolutionary mag holster features, or get your questions answered on our FAQ page.

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