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Springfield XD 9mm/.40 OWB Holster


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Note: Does not fit .45 acp variant of this firearm.
There's no way you can conceal with an XD OWB holster, you probably think. The gun's too big. The OWB holsters out there for it are also too big. The bottom of the thing is practically past your pocket. Or it sticks out so far that you aren't fooling anyone unless you want to wear a parka the entire year.

The choice is to give up on concealing with a Springfield XD OWB holster or to keep searching until you find one.

However, Alien Gear is here to tell you the search is over. The truth is out there - you CAN find a concealable OWB for this make and model firearm: the ShapeShift Belt Slide OWB.

This holster is designed to carry your Springfield XD high and tight to the body, riding high enough to be covered by an untucked polo or button-up; light outerwear at the most. It also rides close enough and hugs to your contours to reduce telltale printing of OWB carry and without an enormous footprint on the waist.

How does that work, exactly?

First, the ShapeShift shell anchors to only one point on the holster, allowing the holster to take up less space without sacrificing retention.

The soft backer, made of layers of Cool Vent neoprene, spring steel and our Alien Skin textured surface, flex to fit your shape but also anchor to your side. This keeps the holster pressed to your side, hugging your exact shape and moving with you.

The belt slide clips are located just ahead of the trigger guard, allowing this holster to ride higher than many other OWB holster designs.

As a result, you have an XD OWB holster that rides high enough to conceal, and carrying in incredible comfort.

Sounds amazing, right? Almost too good to be true?

You don't have to take our word for it. You get the first 30 days after purchase to wear the holster and decide if it's to your satisfaction. If not, return during that time for a full refund.

You can also rest easy knowing that your holster is fully warranteed for life. Any issue gets fixed or you get a new holster.

It's a shift in holster evolution.
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