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Springfield XD Subcompact 3 inch barrel ShapeShift Shoulder Holster


ShapeShift Springfield XD Subcompact Shoulder Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Shoulder carry isn't just for full-size guns, as a Springfield XD Subcompact shoulder holster can make concealing and carrying this pistol incredibly easy. Provided, of course, you pick the right shoulder holster.

However, there are some issues with so many shoulder holsters that it keeps more people from carrying with one. Plenty of shoulder holster for XD Subcompact carry aren't comfortable enough for extended wear. Not all of them allow enough adjustability to carry well, and some don't offer the kind of fitment and retention that you need to be confident in a carry holster.

We designed a shoulder holster without those typical deficiencies, so that you can carry comfortably for extended periods, and with better fitment and retention than many other shoulder holsters.

The straps are articulated via a clover harness, and are padded with our CoolVent neoprene. They are also adjustable, to find the perfect setting for you to carry your pistol. The straps of this XD Subcompact leather shoulder holster also feature belt hooks, which help spread the weight of the pistol more evenly and pull the gun
tight to the body, aiding concealment.

Fitment and retention are custom. The holster itself is our ShapeShift shell in the half-shell configuration. The holster fully wraps the trigger guard for added security, and passive retention is fully adjustable. A removable thumb break strap is also included, in case you wish to carry with one. We also include a magazine carrier base, for use with Alien Gear mag carriers should you desire to carry spare ammunition with your XD Subcompact shoulder holster.

You also don't need to worry about a product guarantee. Ours is Iron-Clad. Our product guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase, during which you can return the holster for a full refund if unsatisfied, and a lifetime warranty on the holster after that.

If you'd like to see what a shoulder holster you can actually use wears like, start your 30 Day Test Drive today.

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