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Springfield XDM 3.8 ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

The shorter 3.8 inch barrel on this Springfield make it an easy carry choice for a full-sized handgun. The ShapeShift IWB holster was also designed for a smaller footprint on the waist, both with the holster backer and the Shift Shell.

The ShapeShift IWB holster for Springfield XDm 3.8 inch models has a backer made from four ingredients. A perforated neoprene ventilates the holster backer and wicks sweat away from the handgun. An inner layer of ballistic nylon adds durability and strength, while another core layer of spring steel adds flexible support that molds to the waistline. A high drag thermo elastomer textile sits against the pistol, gripping it securely.

All the backer materials are edge bound together.

The Shift Shell is mounted to the backer at a single point for a more reactive design, bending more comfortably to the body. That shell is made from injection-molded polymer, as are the parts and clips, to fit every line and dimension of the pistol's make and model.

Different Shift Shells may be purchased, so more than one type of handgun can be carried with the same holster.

Because the ShapeShift is a modular holster, the Shift Shell may be disconnected from the backer and mounted to any of the other available ShapeShift holsters. Within moments, the classic IWB holster can be changed into an OWB paddle holster, OWB belt slide holster or an AIWB holster.

The clips can be adjusted without hardware or tools for higher or lower ride height and a personalized cant. An adjustable retention unit may be installed for a tighter or looser hold on the firearm.

You control how the handgun is drawn with this holster system — both the characteristics and type of holster.

All aspects of the IWB holster are made to last. But, we cover every material and component with a lifetime warranty. If anything malfunctions for any reason, we'll replace or repair it free of charge. We also offer a 30-day test drive, allowing you to test out the holster for up to a month to see if it meets your needs. If it doesn't quite work for you, we'll buy it back. No questions asked.

This holster was made in America to be the next step in concealed carry tools.
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