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Springfield XDM 3.8 ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster

A concealed carry OWB holster must conform to the concealed carrier's waistline, firearm, preferences and lifestyle. It's easy to settle for a generic model, and it will likely get the job done.

But why compromise? Get an innovative holster that was made in America by gun owners for gun owners.

The ShapeShift CCW OWB holster for Springfield XDm 3.8 inch models chambered in 9mm is part of a modular system. Every element and component was engineered and crafted for utility.

Disconnect the low-profile Shift Shell from the belt slide holster backer and install it on any of the other available ShapeShift backers. At a moment's notice, it can be reconfigured into a classic IWB holster, an appendix holster or an OWB paddle holster without the need for any bulky tools.

We include an adjustable retention unit for tighter or looser passive retention and an active retention release, if an extra level of security is needed. The Shift Shell was made from an injection-molded polymer that is crafted to fit every line and dimension of your Springfield handgun.

The Shift Shell is mounted to a backer that was rigorously tested for durability, comfort and performance. Four meticulously chosen materials are edge bound together.

A layer of perforated neoprene ventilates the holster backer and wicks sweat away from the handgun to prevent rust and wear. A layer of flexible spring steel rests inside the holster backer for malleable support. An inner layer of ballistic nylon lends strength and durability, while the front layer of thermo elastomer Alien Skin provides grip and retention.

The belt loops are measured to the width of the belt for a snug fit, reducing wobble. The holster sits high and tight on the waist for concealment. Aside from the backer, the ShapeShift's pieces and clips are also made of that high strength polymer.

All materials and parts are covered by our Forever Warranty. If anything malfunctions for any reason, we'll repair or replace it free of charge.

We also offer a 30-day test drive on the ShapeShift OWB belt slide holster. If within a month it doesn't quite work for you, we'll buy it back.

Thousands of hours were spent researching and developing this holster so that it will conform to your needs and lifestyle.
Please Note: If you have a thumb release from a different ShapeShift offering, it will not work with the ShapeShift OWB Slide Holster.
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