Cloak Mod Car Adapter


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NOTE: This is not a complete holster and requires a Cloak Mod OWB Holster to operate.

  • Holds your firearm in the most accessible location when seated
  • Easy installation requires zero drilling or mounting hardware
  • Enhanced adjustability fits virtually any vehicle seat

Driving with a holster can be awkward, uncomfortable and inconvenient. As a result, you may choose to store your handgun in a glovebox or center console, but this hinders your ability to quickly access your firearm in a self-defense situation, leaving you feeling ill-prepared and unprotected.

We understand the importance of being prepared in a dire situation. After designing dozens of prototypes, our team of engineers have created an innovative way to connect your holster to the front of your driver’s seat, so you can feel protected on the road.

The Cloak Mod Car Adapter secures your firearm in the most convenient, accessible location while driving. This unique accessory is fully compatible with the Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster. Simply attach your OWB paddle holster to this durable platform in one fluid motion. With its clever design, you can connect your holster to the front of your seat using the paddle attachment.

If you’re concerned about your seat’s size, we’ve got you covered. This Cloak Mod accessory is designed with two 6’ adjustable nylon straps to accommodate a wide variety seats. To attach this unit to your seat, simply thread the straps between the top and bottom of your car seat, then clip the straps together underneath. This innovative strap system also avoids the need to drill into your car’s interior, saving you time and money.

Once your platform is securely installed, you can position your OWB holster between your knees for quick, convenient access to your firearm. Go from your waist to the driver seat in one fluid motion when commuting around town.

The Cloak Mod Car Adapter is also designed to accommodate your holster’s cant (angle).

To equip your vehicle with this innovative accessory, simply choose your gun model and handedness, then add the Cloak Mod Car Adapter to your cart.

Once your holster is docked to your driver seat, you will be prepared and ready for self-defense situations on the road.

This Alien Gear Holsters accessory is backed by our 30-Day Test Drive. If this system does not fit your seat for any reason, send it back for a hassle-free refund. The Cloak Mod Car Adapter is also covered by our Forever Warranty. If anything breaks on your holster for any reason, we’ll repair or replace it for free – no questions asked.

Feel secure, confident and prepared on any commute today!

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