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Walther PPQ M2 OWB Holster Low-Profile & Custom Fit


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Cloak Slide Walther PPQ M2 OWB Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

For a low-profile OWB, the Cloak Slide Walther PPQ M2 OWB Holster is one of the best you'll find. This holster rides high and tight on the belt, and makes carrying incredibly simple. You put it on, insert your gun and go.

It's up to you whether you want to open carry or put on a light layer for use as a Walther PPQ M2 concealed carry holster. Since the holster rides high on the belt and tight to the body, it can serve in either role. All that's needed is a light outer layer in most cases.

The base of the holster is a leather belt slide platform, made with premium 12-oz hide. You can choose black or brown color for your Walther PPQ M2 leather holster.

The belt loops are located on the back of the holster base and adjust as tight as you want them. Keep them loose for easy on/easy off applications or tighten them down to pull the holster tight. This keeps the holster high and the belt and tight to the body, perfect for easy concealed carrying if desired.

The holster is fitted with our Universal Holster Shell, a custom-molded retention shell that can be fitted to any compatible holster base. It's custom-molded for the PPQ M2, giving the gun perfect fitment right out of the packaging.

Passive retention is adjustable by dialing in the four retaining bolts. However, the Parts Pack included with your holster includes complete taller and shorter sets of hardware, allowing you to further customize the fit of your holster.

You also get Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period, our Forever Warranty on the holster and a lifetime of retention shell trades, in case you trade in your gun and want to keep using your holster.

Discover a whole new way to carry and start your Test Drive today.
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