Walther PPS M2 ShapeShift Ankle Holster


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ShapeShift Walther PPS M2 Ankle Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

A Walther PPS M2 Ankle Holster is an ideal implement for carrying a backup gun or for deep concealment when you don't want to or can't conceal on the waist. If, that is, you make a careful selection of holster that will be feasible to actually carry with.

We don't think an ankle holster for PPS M2 pistols should only be functional some of the time. You should have the utmost confidence when you put it on, and be comfortable wearing it while you're at it. This requires attention to design details that many other holster companies miss. Our ankle holster involved that attention to those details and you will notice the difference.

Start with the holster itself. It's the ShapeShift shell system, with a full length outer shell and trigger guard half shell, which fully wraps the trigger guard for the utmost in security. Retention is passive, but adjustable so you can dial it to the exact setting you want.

Ride height of this PPS M2 ankle holster is adjustable. It can be worn with low-cut casual shoes or set high to be worn with most boots, though 10-inch or taller boots may not be appropriate choices.

The strapping system is two-piece, for greater stability and security while wearing the holster. The heel strap cups the foot, providing vertical stability. An ankle wrap, which the holster is attached to, docks with the heel strap via a durable polymer insert, creating horizontal stability as well. No more jostling or bouncing up and down; the gun stays where it's secured.

You'll also notice the comfortable strapping, made of our CoolVent neoprene. This perforated neoprene layer cushions, but also breathes against the skin and wicks away moisture, keeping you cooler and more dry than other materials. The retaining straps are also elastic, so they can be drawn tight without cutting off circulation.

The Walther PPS M2 Ankle Holster also comes with Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and a lifetime warranty on the holster itself.

Start your Test Drive today and shift to a better concealed carry.
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