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Buying A Concealed Carry Holster For Someone Else - A Few Things To Keep In Mind

Shopping for that special someone is always a trick. Giving the gift of a great inside the waistband concealed carry holster that's backed by a lifetime warranty is certainly a wise decision. In this article, we'll go over some of the considerations you may want to consider when buying a concealed carry holster for someone else.

Make sure you know if they're left-handed or right-handed

left or right handed holster

It sounds silly but sometimes people just don't think about right or left hand preferences until the day arrives. The look on someone's face as he or she opens the gift box to see a reputable, comfortable holster – priceless. That follow-on glance when they realizes it's a right-handed holster and they are left-handed? Yep.

Sounds pretty basic but just check. You may be surprised to find out someone who writes with his right hand may shoot with his left due to “left eye dominance” (aka cross eye dominance).

Shop for holsters to accommodate lifestyle.

buying a holster for somebody else

If you're shopping for an everyday carrier, it pays off to know that person's lifestyle. Is she an active person who is very athletic? The Cloack Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster; A neoprene-backed inside the waistband concealed carry holster may be the right choice.

Perhaps that person in your life enjoys the simpler feel of finely crafted leather. In that case, perhaps the Cloak Slide OWB Holster with a premium leather outside the waistband holster will do the trick.

Get them a gun holster for their specific handgun, but isn't “one size fits all”.

gift a holster

There's no such thing as “one size fits all”. Handgun holsters are no different. If one holster fits with any handgun, it probably sacrificed a great deal of retention. Instead, consider an option that allows you to exchange gun holster shells.

For instance, Alien Gear has a free shell replacement program. If you buy any of our gun holsters, you can ship back the shell you started off with for a free replacement. That's awesome if you discover a Viridian laser sight makes a great companion to your Glock 19. Alien Gear covers it.

gun holster gifts

A lot of people start off with one concealed carry handgun as their everyday carry and then switch to another in, say, 6 months. Perhaps that's the other side of the gift-giving – a holster and handgun combo. Very smart! But if that's the route you're going to take, get them an inside the waistband concealed carry holster that can work with most any other pistol later on down the line.

The reason why a concealed carry holster is the perfect gift for that concealed carrier in your life is it's an investment in their safety and yours. It's also much more affordable than buying that person another handgun and still shows you care a great deal.

Concealed carry holsters are a wonderful way to equip yourself and that other person for ccw success. More importantly, if the gifts are part of an introduction into the concealed carry lifestyle, you're setting up that other person with success by getting him a concealed carry holster that is comfortable, reliable, and has great retention over the handgun.

Make Sure There's A Holster Return Policy

If buying a holster as a gift, be sure to purchase a holster from a company that offers a generous holster return policy in case the gift of concealed carry turns out not to be compatible to the person that receives it.

Granted, there are certainly things you should work out in advance before purchasing a holster for someone. You should know what dominant hand they have, what gun they have and so on. However, the return policy is in case of the intangibles.

Part of carrying is subjective, as not every holster feels the same once a person has secured it to their waist. Comfort, after all, is totally subjective. For instance, some people find pillow-top mattresses to be incredibly comfortable. Others, however, find that they don't give nearly enough support to be truly uncomfortable and aren't much more than a foam pad on top of a bunch of springs. What carries comfortably for one person may be totally uncomfortable for someone else. The texture, the feel and so on may be perfect for you but not for the person you give the holster to as a gift.

Another consideration to make is of the material itself. Some people don't leather, others can't do without it. You might also consider that some people are allergic to certain materials. Synthetic materials are known allergens, and people can have mild to strong allergic reactions to them. Many formulae of latex, for instance, are known for causing allergic reactions and they can be very severe. (Granted, not all latex is synthetic.) Neoprene, which is becoming a popular material in the holster industry, has also caused allergic reactions and indeed there is such a thing as a neoprene allergy.

As a result, you can't guarantee that a person is going to be able to carry or will like carrying in the holster that you give them, even if you get every other aspect on paper correct like gun make and model, dominant hand orientation and philosophy of use. Since so much of holster experience is subjective, you can't anticipate what it will be. Why stick someone with a holster they don't like? Therefore, make sure that you purchase a holster from a company that offers a generous return policy.

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