Alien Gear Holsters - Concealed Carry Videos

About Us and our Concealed Carry Holsters

Looking to learn more about our line of concealed carry holsters? Here is the place to do it. These exclusive videos will tell you all about our company and the holsters we make.

How To Concealed Carry and Use Our Products

Ever wondered how to concealed carry or do so better? How best to use Alien Gear Holsters products or how they work? Here you'll see all the "How To CCW" videos.

Alien Gear Holster Review Videos

Why take it from us about how great our holsters are - you can get it straight from customers by watching Alien Gear holster review videos. These holster reviews have been posted to YouTube by reviewers, who bought product from us and recorded their opinion of their own volition. We put them here so you can see real reviews by real people - which is something we don't conceal.

Gun Videos, Industry and CCW Community Videos

Here you can see gun videos, as well as other content related to the gun industry and community.