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concealed carry while camping

Camping with a Concealed Carry Gun

The best part about hitting the great outdoors is having the freedom to wander where you want. But for those who prefer to take a concealed carry firearm with them you are in luck, as of February 22, 2010 Federal laws allows people who can legally possess firearms to carry them in national parks. Without much further adieu here are a few pieces of ccw advice to make wilderness just a bit friendlier for camping.

Bigger Animals Deserve Bigger Calibers

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Plenty of people prefer the comfort and security of a 9mm or smaller calibers. And for daily carriers out and about in an urban environment – each certainly has it's advantages and disadvantages. However, when you're out carrying concealed in the wilderness, there's other animals to contend with. Some of these animals – such as bears – will need a bigger caliber in order to ensure your safety.

Whether its a .45, .40 S&W, or a .357 Magnum – the best gun for camping will make sure to pack ammunition that creates big wound channels and ensures the job gets done.

Put Your Food Up At Night

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Animals usually aren't looking for a fight. But when they smell the sweet leftovers of a good camp dinner, who can resist? Help keep animals away by cleaning up after each meal and ensuring all food and trash is kept locked up or roped into a tree. That way, no big critters will come poking around in your tent hoping for your leftover beans.

Watch Your Valuables While You Go Swimming

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No one can resist the allure of jumping into a clean, pristine pond or stream. Unfortunately, in the abandon of having so much fun, a lot of campers will leave their concealed carry weapons out on the shore while they go for a swim. Make no mistake about it – a firearm left unattended is dangerous. Make sure you have someone watching your concealed carry firearm before you dive in!

Securing Your Campsite With A Perimeter

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Your camp is your home. Why leave it unprotected? Bringing your concealed carry firearm was a smart move. Continue that trend with setting up simple perimeter around your camp. Using a bit of situational awareness, set your camp up so that there is a clear delineation between where you're situated and the rest of the wilderness. This helps other hikers, campers, and animals understand that – at least for this weekend – this space is yours.

Bring The Right Concealed Carry Holster

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Even if you decide to forgo the concealed portion and go straight outside the waistband, bringing the right holster is always a smart move. You're going to want a gun holster with great retention. If you're going hiking, you'll also want one that plays well with your backpack. Go with an inside the waistband ccw holster that sits on the hip and has a backstrap. The backstrap helps distribute pressure evenly across the surface of your body versus having a single point digging in.

These five simple tips will hopefully improve your situational awareness and help with your risk assessment. Being outdoors is one of the best feelings in the world. With the right planning, your concealed carry firearm can be your perfect wilderness companion.

Have any good pieces of advice for how to make the most of carrying a firearm while camping? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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