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switching from iwb to appendix carry

How To Change Into An Appendix Carry Holster From An IWB With The ShapeShift System

Some people have made using the ShapeShift holster system out to be a whole lot more complicated than it is, and to prove it we're going to demonstrate changing a 4.0 IWB to the ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster. These are two of the most popular models of ShapeShift holsters, and a lot of people are carrying with both.

After all, some people like to alternate and the beauty of the AIWB holster is that it's easier to take off and put on, so it's an uber-convenient form of concealed carry holster. However, a traditional winged IWB is massively comfortable.

Just how easy is it? Let's go over that.

What ShapeShift Holster Parts You'll Need

aiwb parts

You'll need both the IWB ShapeShift holster and the AIWB expansion pack. That includes the smaller holster base, the appendix carry clip and shell connector cover.

If buying an AIWB expansion pack, you'll have your choice of appendix carry belt clip. We offer a medium and a large clip size. Both come with your holster kit, so you can choose between them as you like. You may find you prefer one or the other; carry with the one your prefer.

You'll also need the IWB holster, with a ShapeShift full outer shell and trigger guard inner shell, and with the two twist lock nuts to complete the holster. Since these holster configurations use the same holster shell configuration, very little actually needs to be done in order to switch between them. The process takes only a couple of moments, and is incredibly easy.

While you could switch holster configurations nearly anywhere, it's best to do it on a flat surface. This way, you don't have to worry about components getting lost if dropped or something like that. With that said, let's begin...

Changing ShapeShift IWB To ShapeShift Appendix Carry

iwb to aiwb

Begin by setting the ShapeShift IWB holster down on the surface of your choice, be it a kitchen table, work bench, what have you. Make sure you have taken your carry gun out of the holster first! Performing this operation without doing so is not in keeping with the best practices of gun safety.

Rotate the twist lock near the holster shell connector 90 degrees; it should point straight up from the holster base. It should come free at this point; pull it away.

Slide the connector lock towards you until it pulls free. Fitment is tight for greater security; you'll want to pull a bit hard but steady until it comes free.

Lift the holster shell off the IWB holster base, and set the IWB holster base and connector lock aside. Keep the twist lock handy.

Do you have the holster connector installed on the appendix carry holster base? If not, install it with the two included hex bolts and hex key. Put the bolts through one of the three bolt positions in the holster connector - which can be changed to adjust cant angle - and tightening with the hex key until tight. You may have to install the two included large gun spacers, though this depends on the make and model gun you have.

If the holster connector is installed, start by placing the holster shell over the holster connector tabs and seat it fully.

Take the appendix carry clip and connector lock and seat it onto the guide rail on the holster connector. Slide it up until fully seated. You'll notice that half of the locking nub is on the holster connector and the other on the connector lock. They should be fully aligned.

Since the trigger guard half shell remains locked in place, you only need to lock one of the twist locks. With one of the rectangular ends perpendicular to the holster base, place it onto the locking nub on the holster connector. Rotate it forward until it locks in place.

Now you have an appendix carry holster!

ShapeShift Holster Gives You A Whole New Universe Of Carry Possibilities

shapeshift holster system

It seems like a lot at first, but you should get the idea pretty quickly just how quick changes can be with the ShapeShift holster system. The first few times may take you a minute or two, but within a few changes between holster configurations, you should have the procedure down to seconds.

You'll soon find it takes no time at all to switch between concealed carry holsters in the ShapeShift system.

This is what the ShapeShift system is designed for - easy changes between the various concealed carry methods and holster configurations that the ShapeShift is made for.

Some people get apprehensive when they see all the parts, that it's like a darned Erector kit or something, but the truth is it isn't that complicated once you try it.


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