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Don't Get Spotted with the Concealed Carry Squat

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We all remember this story, don't we?

Attention Walmart shoppers – we have a man with a permit to conceal carry getting tackled by an overly vigilant guy in aisle 1.

It's a classic problem in the concealed carry world – we have a legally valid permit and we're allowed to use it. Yet daily things like taking off our coat or bending down to pick up the newspaper can inadvertently reveal that we're armed. While in an ideal world, those who legally conceal carry can simply nudge off the added exposure – there's other incidents where it simply turns irrationally bad.

Outside the waistband holsters can be the more difficult to deal with in situations where bending or stretching is involved. A few scenarios covered – reaching across a counter to pick something up and conversely bending down to pick up something.

Accidental Reveal of Concealed Carry Firearm While Reaching

This is a harder problem to fix because it requires either a painful amount of self-awareness or changing habits. Imagine being in a diner and the ketchup bottle is just out of reach. Most people wouldn't think twice about simply reaching over and grabbing the bottle. If that person has on a standard outside the waistband concealed carry holster, there's a pretty good chance someone will spot that weapon. The easiest solution to this is move to a comfortable inside the waistband concealed carry pistol holster. It also minimizes exposure.

Sometimes a OWB concealed carry pistol holster is just preferred. It does have an unfettered ease of access which makes it ideal for wearing beneath multiple layers. If that's the case, the easiest thing to do is either wear a coat that reaches to the mid-thigh or get up and walk to the bottle. Oh, laziness! Thwarted again!

What about reaching up to pull down a book? This issue recently came up as a mother and her children were in the library. The woman was spotted when she reached up onto a shelf to grab a book. Unfortunately, she was immediately asked to leave. How to avoid that situation? The easiest solution is a step stool. It is also a fantastic reason to consider switching to an IWB concealed carry handgun holster. With a slimmer profile, it's easier to keep layers over it.

Recognize the Concealed Carry Squat? We All Should.

The ironic portion of the concealed carry squat is it's typically how everyone is advised to lift any heavy object. On plenty of placards in warehouses and construction sites, OSHA strongly pushes to keep signs posted on how to properly lift. Those same techniques are applied to squatting down with a concealed carry firearm.

  1. Keep the back straight
  2. Feet shoulder width apart
  3. Bend at the knees

Viola! This simple technique allows the back of the shirt to cover an outside the waistband concealed carry holster. Better yet, it serves to keep the back of the shirt from imprinting for those inside the waistband concealed carry holsters.

If even after all this somebody spots your pistol there are some things you should know on how to handle yourself in that situation. We wrote a lengthy guide on what to do when somebody sees your gun.

Do you have any special techniques to avoid getting spotted when you bend, squat or reach for something?
Tell us about it in the comments section.

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