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Best handguns for left handed shooters

Ok, maybe minimal compromise. But we’re used to that, right Southpaws?

Finding a firearm suitable for left handed use without compromising functionality can be a challenge. Finding a firearm suitable for concealed carry that also happens to be suitable for left handed use is even harder.

Our mission was to find 5 handguns that are suitable for left handed concealed carry use without any compromise in terms of functionality and absolutely no gunsmithing or waiting for special parts.

Here’s a few smart choices that won’t have you sacrificing valuable time or functionality.

Smith & Wesson Airweight (J Frame)

Really any revolver will work reasonably well for the left handed shooter, but the Airweight is available in .38 Special, +P, and .357 Magnum, and is available with an internal or external hammer, depending on your preference.

The only drawback for a left handed shooter is needing to move the revolver to your right hand to reload and then move it back, but that only ends up being a drawback if you are going to commit to carrying speedloaders when you carry your revolver.

Glock 19

Being a compact handgun chambered in 9MM, the Glock 19 is quite well suited to a versatile role, including concealed carry. Like a revolver, the primary benefit of a Glock for a left handed shooter is the distinct lack of a manual safety, meaning it will never be out of reach on the wrong side of the gun. It does have a drop safe trigger but for those of you uncomfortable without a manual safety, we’ve still got plenty of options for you.

The only drawback for a left handed shooter worth mentioning is the lack of an ambidextrous magazine release, but most of us have found a way to get around that gracefully.

And again, it is only a problem if you commit to carrying an extra magazine when you carry your Glock 19.


Para Black Ops Recon 1911

The 1911 is an instantly recognizable platform, but it can be a difficult platform for left handed shooters. Packed with .45 ACP, the Para Black Ops Recon 1911 has a 4.25 inch barrel, making it perfectly suited for concealed carry. Combined with an ambidextrous thumb safety, the Para Black Ops Recon might be the perfect tool for your concealed carry needs.

Again, the only drawback for a left handed shooter is the lack of an ambidextrous magazine release.

But the good folks at Para managed to pack a walloping 14 rounds of .45 ACP into this gun, and most of us have found a good way to get around a one sided magazine release anyway.


Beretta PX4 Storm Compact

Available in either 9MM or 40 S&W, the Beretta PX4 Storm Compact is also available as a sub-compact if that’s more your style. Its controls are intuitive, and it has that ambidextrous manual safety we’re after. The PX4 Storm Compact is simply designed and easily concealable, and the sub-compact is even easier to conceal!

Even beyond the ambidextrous manual safety, many of the PX4’s controls either are already accessible with either hand, or can be reversed fairly simply.

Springfield XD(M) Compact

The Springfield XD(M) Compact is available chambered in 9MM, 40 S&W, or .45 ACP, all depending on what works best for you. Or get one of each! Who am I to tell you how many guns to buy.

For safeties, Springfield forwent the manual safety for a grip safety and a drop safe trigger, so there are no safety mechanisms that can be out of reach to a left handed shooter.

You still need to bring the safety between your ears, though.

The folks at Springfield Armory also saw fit to make sure that the XD(M) Compact can accept full size magazines. Is a full size magazine hanging out of your compact concealed carry handgun really practical? Probably not, but it is great fun at the range and practice is important!


There you have it, folks! Now all you need to do is pop into your local gun shop and pick up one of these, and whatever else strikes your fancy. And when they don’t have the perfect holster for your left handed carry needs, concealed or otherwise, come on back and we’ll take care of you.

Left Handed Holster Options

As you can tell, there are a good number of handguns available for the left-handed shooter - and likewise, there are a good deal of options for left-handed holsters as well. You don't need to settle for whatever lefty holsters are dumped on you; there are southpaw holsters for every need, be it for open or expertly concealed carry. Alien Gear Holsters offers every model right- or left-handed, so you can carry any model pistol we sell a holster for, including both IWB and OWB models. Have a look at our available left handed holsters!


So what’s your go-to left handed concealed carry handgun?

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