Car Holsters and Mounts

Car Holsters And Mounts

Strategically deployed car holsters and holster mounts get your gun off your waistband, but keep it secured and accessible if needed.

Concealed carry is easy while out and about and especially when standing or walking. What if you sit down? What if you're driving? What if you want to take your gun and holster off while in the home?

Correctly designed holster mounts allow for secure mounting of the pistol to any desired surface. The gun is kept secure in a holster, even out of reach of tiny hands, but can still be accessed quickly in an emergency if needed.

Find The Holster Mount Solution For You

No one holster mount design is perfect for all applications. You have different needs in different situations and in different settings.

Equip yourself for success with the holster mount design that fits the needs you have for one.

Whether you need a holster mount for your car, inside the home or in the office, you'll find a holster mount for it here. You have your choice of hard-mounted or non-marring mounting systems, for whichever is your preference or need.

Car Holsters Keep You Armed While On The Move

A car holster is the solution for the classic dilemma of how to get to your gun in a hurry while seated and belted in a vehicle. Drawing from a hip holster while seated is difficult if not outright impossible.

What can you do? Mount your pistol in a car holster.

A car holster secures the holster inside the vehicle for use while driving. Mount the holster so the pistol can stay holstered, but in easy reach in an emergency. This also makes getting out of the car more convenient, as you can draw the pistol from the car holster, insert in your carry holster and go.

Select your attachment method of choice.

Our hook and loop holster mount can be attached to the upholstery, under the dash or wherever you want it to be located. The adhesive-backed mounting pad won't mar your dash in any way, and holds the holster securely in place, even with a loaded pistol inserted into the molded retention shell.

Hard mounting car holster mounts, such as our ShapeShift Holster Mount or Cloak Dock Holster Mounts, bolt to the plastic or wood of your car's interior. This allows you to dock your carry holster or a dedicated holster for car use.

If more discretion is called for or desired, the Driver Defense Car Holster uses durable web strapping to attach directly to the driver or passenger seat, threading through the seat bolster and pulling tight. The holster is located lower down and between the knees, easily accessible but more hidden from view.

Holster Mounts For The Home And Office

Deploy holster mounts in the home and office securely mount a holster and pistol out of view, out of reach, but still keep the gun accessible. They don't take the place of a safe, lockbox or other method of safe storage, but can keep a pistol secure in a holster while mounted to the surface of your choice.

You can use either a dedicated mounted holster, or a docking holster mount if you want to dock your carry holster and pistol.

Discretely mount a holster to any surface without touching the surface with the Hook And Loop Holster. The holster comes with a ShapeShift or Cloak series holster shell, molded for your make and model of pistol, a soft holster base reinforced with a spring steel core, and uses hook and loop fasteners to attach to the surface of your choice with the included landing pads.

Hard mounting holster mounts can attach to the surface of your choice with the included mounting hardware including wood, drywall, sheet metal and plastic.

The ShapeShift Holster Mount uses the docking spline of the ShapeShift OWB, and attaches to any surface using the included hardware set. For use with our IWB or paddle holsters, the Cloak Dock IWB and Cloak Dock OWB Mounts can be hard-mounted to any desired surface.

You can mount a holster out of sight, or out of reach, but keep your gun quickly accessible.

Your Car Holster Or Mount Comes With Our Iron-Clad Guarantee

Your car holster or holster mount is made in the USA, and comes backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee. Our comprehensive product guarantee is one of the strongest in the industry, covering the entire lifetime of the product.

Start with a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase. You get an entire month to return the car holster or holster mount if you aren't fully satisfied, and get a full refund.

We also back your car holster or mount for life with our Forever Warranty, a full and total warranty of the product for as long as you have it. If any issues should arise or if something breaks, we will fix it or send you a new one.

Start your Test Drive today!