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Cloak Chest Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The Cloak Chest Holster by Alien Gear Holsters is perfect for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Designed for comfort, convenience, and safety, the Cloak Chest Holster frees up space for you to carry a pack around your waist and shoulders. Now you can traverse the outdoors without sacrificing quick access to your firearm.

For serious hikers or hunters, a pack is necessary, but the waist straps take up room around your waist and shoulders. The Cloak Chest Holster is the best option for anyone who wants to carry a weapon on their person for protection without forfeiting their ability to access it quickly.

The Cloak Chest Holster features durable woven nylon straps that allow for comfortable carry but are also incredibly durable. You can hike for hundreds of miles in hardcore conditions, and these straps will hold up strong.

The holster backing is made from a soft CoolVentâ„¢ neoprene that provides a cushioned base and allows your skin to breathe by wicking away moisture. The holster base is also reinforced with spring steel for strength and durability, allowing for a secure and consistent draw.

For proper trigger guard protection, the Cloak Chest Holster also features a custom-molded shell, providing the best retention and allowing for a smooth draw. Your firearm is carried at near 45-degree angle, so the draw is natural, and your firearm is easily accessible.

If you already have a holster shell, you also have the option of purchasing the Alien Gear Cloak Chest Holster Base. This base provides you with the platform you would need to create your own chest holster.

Made in the USA, Our Cloak Chest Holster and our Cloak Chest Holster Base are both covered by our Iron-Clad Guarantee. This product guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period and a Forever Warranty. So, we encourage you to order now, and carry your firearm in comfort on your next outdoor adventure!