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Holsters for Beretta 92A1


Beretta 92A1 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

One of the most important accessories for a pistol is a holster, if you intend to carry, and one had better select a quality concealed carry holster with high retention. Look no further than the Alien Gear Beretta 92A1 holster line.

Our Beretta 92A1 gun holsters are modular, as we combine a high-quality, durable custom holster shell specifically made for the Beretta 92A1 pistol. You can select our Beretta 92A1 iwb holster or one of outside the waistband holsters, for open or concealed carry.

Our holster options include our all-leather Cloak Tuck, or our state-of-the-art award winning Cloak Tuck 3.0. The Cloak Tuck 3.0 employs a neoprene backing, to conform to the wearer and repel moisture, and our own Alien Skin fabric to safeguard your firearm from scuffing and scratching, as well as slippage. The shell is also slippery enough to never damage your clothing and engineered to never print through your clothes, if you wish to avoid broadcasting to everyone that you’re armed.

The outer shells are adjustable for all holster models, so you can tighten or loosen the retention to your preference. The cant is adjustable as well.

Every Alien Gear Beretta 92A1 holster is made proudly in America, and comes with our Iron Clad guarantee. Additionally, once you purchase an Alien Gear holster, you can exchange the shells at any time for that of any other firearm, should you decide to carry any other firearm. You won’t want to carry any other holster.