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Holsters for Beretta Nano (BU9)


Beretta Nano Holster (BU9) by Alien Gear Holsters

Owning a gun like the Baretta Nano Bu9 designed for concealment and comfort would only require one thing. Owning an equivalent Baretta Nano Bu9 holster with a similar end result in mind. The Nano 9mm is less than 1" wide and a little over 5" long and has a smooth exterior without irritating protrusions, but pairing with an Baretta Nano 9mm Concealed Carry Holster would further ensure concealment with the maximum comfort available. The Nano brings a variety of modifications to the table from sights to grip frames of which our Baretta Nano 9mm IWB holster will match, resulting in a premium customizable experience for the gun owner.

Your Nano 9mm holster can be adjusted to any unique desire due to the Cloak Tuck Holster's cant, ride height and retention. Any positioning is possible with our Bu9 IWB holsters (inside the waistband) by easily adjusting the clips to fit your ideal angle. Our holster clips can also be adjusted to select how high or low you would like your Beretta Nano 9mm to sit inside your wasteband. How lose or tight you would like your Beretta Nano to fit against the holster can also be tweaked by our adjustable retention system.

Alien Gear's engineers designed a Beretta Nano gun holster to be everything you need and then some. The Cloak Tuck's broad range of customizability is paired with extraordinary comfort and surprising durability. At the heart of every Baretta holster by Alien Gear Holsters is a spring-steel core that ensures an unyielding shape when drawing and holstering, and yet comfort is not compromised with a sweat-resistant neoprene fabric that fits snugly against the body.

The Cloak Tuck's Alien Skin texture ensures your firearm will stay put within the holster, and the sturdy but smooth thermo elastomer face of the holster prevents catching and wearing within your waistband, allowing you to move with ease while concealing.

Your Beretta Nano 9mm deserves nothing less than a holster that will help you achieve optimum concealing without limitations. Alien Gear knows its beretta holsters, including the Cloak Tuck 3.0, have results that will surprise and impress the concealed carrier, and the Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee backs this up with a 30-day test drive and Forever Warranty all free of charge. Alien Gear makes all of its products in the US and promises to deliver a holster that remains unmatched anywhere else on the planet. Make a purchase you are guaranteed to never question.

Leather Options are also available. From our quality Beretta Nano IWB Holster to its OWB Holster.