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Holsters for Glock - 17

Glock 17 Holster for Concealed Carry by Alien Gear Holsters

You’ve chosen to carry an iconic Glock pistol, so you’ll need something just as legendary to match. Your Glock 17 holster has the ability to be adjusted and customized, and so does our Glock 17 IWB holster series. We here at Alien Gear Holsters have crafted a line of holsters that will pair perfectly with your Glock 17 pistol.

Find yourself the most comfortable, concealable Glock 17 concealed carry holster with the innovative Cloak Tuck 3.0 hybrid holster. This winged gun holster, designed for maximum everyday comfort, will form to your side for a comfort that lasts throughout the day. We have also incorporated a soft layer of neoprene that will help to disperse the weight of your Glock 17.

There’s a reason why your Glock 17 pistol is so widely used within the law enforcement world. It’s built with quality. That’s why we here at Alien Gear Holsters believe a pistol like this should be paired with a quality G17 holster.

Our pistol holster shells have been designed to protect the front sights of your gun, while providing you with a way to holster your sidearm without it getting caught in your clothing. Alien Gear Holsters also allows free shell trades for life, so you can swap out your old shell for a new one if you ever choose to carry something other than your Glock 17.

If you prefer leather to composite materials, we also offer the original Cloak Tuck and Cloak Slide in this rich cowhide. Match up your Glock 17 with the classic quality of a handmade leather holster. As a product of clever design, the holsters within the Cloak Tuck IWB Holster Series can be customized by the carrier. Simply relocate the holster clips provided to adjust the cant (angle) and/or ride height to your holster.

Every Alien Gear Holster is backed by our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee. This includes a 30-Day Test Drive and a Forever Warranty.