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Holsters for Glock - 33

Glock 33 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The Glock 33 packs a powerful punch for a small-frame pistol that weighs in at a mere 1.65 pounds when loaded. A superior choice in concealed carry and long range shooting, the sub-compact pistol has top ratings in safety, dependability and performance. Alien Gear Holsters also has top ratings for the most comfortable and durable Glock 33 holster on the planet. For a holstering experience that will enhance the use of your Glock 33, whether in competition, concealed carry or work, Alien Gear Glock 33 holsters are the elite choice.

Customizability was priority when Alien Gear’s engineers worked to create their Glock 33 IWB holsters, allowing the customer to select their individual preferences. This ensures supreme comfort and satisfaction for a range of customers, instead of a universal solution.

The ‘Cloak Tuck’ 3.0 utilizes a set of durable clips on either side of the glock 33 inside the waistband holster to adjust the cant (angle) and ride height for complete customization.

The retention of the G33 holster also adjusts for a tighter or looser draw, and a unique ‘Alien Skin’ material lines the inside of the holster to further maintain that constant grip.

Bringing the 3.0 together for unfailing sturdiness is a spring-steel core spine, and to keep you in constant comfort a sweat-resistant neoprene backing was designed to softly lay against the skin.

Alien Gear also offers other a Glock 33 OWB holster, an attractive slim owb holster and a fantastically priced two-holster combo.

An Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee backs up Alien Gear’s promise to deliver you nothing but the best quality of holster. Try one for 30 days, enjoy free shell trades for life and a Forever Warranty, all with no extra charge after purchase.