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Holsters for Keltec PF9


Keltec PF9 Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

Alien Gear doesn't discriminate against brands the way many other holster companies do - so if you're looking for a Keltec PF9 gun holster, then you came to the right part of the galaxy. Many other holster companies think you should be satisfied with a generic fit and loose retention in a Keltec PF9 concealed carry holster. Alien Gear disagrees, which is why we use a custom-molded retention shell for every pistol we sell a holster for, including the PF9. Your gun will fit perfectly in our holsters, as the shell holds every nook, cranny and contour expertly.

Retention force is also adjustable, as our mounting hardware allows the wearer to set the retention level they desire - not what the holster design dictates. You also get a Parts Pack with purchase that allows further customization of retention levels. Our Keltec PF9 IWB holsters also can be set for ride height and grip angle, allowing you to carry your Keltec exactly how you want, not how we set the holster up.

Alien Gear employs a hybrid holster design, so the retention shell for a make and model of pistol is used on a backing platform. You choose the backer of your desire, or multiple backers if you like - one shell can be used on multiple backers, and vice versa. Keltec PF9 inside the waistband backers include leather - the Cloak Tuck, in black or tan - or an ultra-modern, multi-layer design. The 3.0 IWB features a spring steel core, proprietary Alien Skin surface and a neoprene backing for unmatched comfort and to repel moisture.

PF9 OWB holsters are available as well, like the Cloak Slide and Cloak Mod OWB holsters. The Cloak Mod is one of the few holsters available that can be carried as a paddle or belt slide holster; you can convert it from one to the other and back at your leisure.

All of our holsters come with our Triple Guarantee. We guarantee a 30-day trial period for you to evaluate your holster and determine if it's the holster you really want. We also give you a lifetime of retention shell trades, so you can keep your holster if you ever trade in your pistol. Lastly, we guarantee every holster sold for life. Any defect or damage will be fixed, or we will replace your holster. For life.