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Holsters for S&W Sigma SW40VE


S&W Sigma SW40VE Holster by Aline Gear Holsters

You might think that given the size and shape of the gun, an S&W SW40ve gun holster isn't going to be much good for concealed carry...but you'd be wrong. Alien Gear Holsters make concealment and carrying of full-size pistols a breeze. We guarantee that you've never been able to carry a gun of this class like this before.

With an Alien Gear S&W SW40ve concealed carry holster, you can not only enjoy the adjustable retention that Alien Gear is known for, but also the custom fit and feel of a custom holster without the lead time or expense. Our retention shells are custom molded to every gun we sell, and our holsters conform to every nook, cranny and contour of your pistol.

Our SW40ve IWB holsters are also adjustable for ride height and cant, so you can carry your gun exactly where and how you want, not as the holster company dictates you have to due to an inflexible design. There are two SW40VE inside the waistband designs to choose from. Select the Cloak Tuck - a plush, leather hybrid holster available in black or tan 12-ounce bridle leather - or the 3.0, a modern multilayer IWB holster with a spring steel core, Alien Skin top surface and neoprene backpad for unparalleled comfort and moisture repellant.

If you want a SW40ve OWB holster, choose the Cloak Slide or the Cloak Mod OWB holster. The Cloak Slide is made from the same leather as the Cloak Tuck, and the Cloak Mod features the same spring steel core and multilayer design as the 3.0. Additionally, the Cloak Mod can be converted from a paddle holster to a belt slide holster and back again, and is adjustable for 15 degrees of positive or negative cant.

Every Alien Gear gun holster comes with our Iron-Clad guarantee, including a 30 day "test drive" period for you to evaluate your holster and determine if it's to your liking. We also offer a lifetime of retention shell trades, so you can trade in your retention shell and keep your holster in case you ever trade in your gun. We also guarantee every holster sold for life - any defect or damage will be repaired or your holster will be replaced. Forever.