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Holsters for S&W SW1911 5 inch


Holsters for S&W SW1911 5”

Finding the right OWB or IWB holster is a process of weighing costs against benefits, needs against wants and materials against form factors. Alien Gear holsters for the S&W SW1911 5" refuse compromise, offering logical equipment for open or concealed carry.

Take for example the Cloak Tuck 3.0, an IWB hybrid holster with a backer designed to mold comfortably to the body without any break in time. Four layers of materials are stitched together for utility — neoprene that wicks sweat, ballistic nylon that lends durability, spring steel that flexes to the waistline for malleable support and thermo elastomer that lends drag for extra retention.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 shell has adjustable passive retention and cant, similar to the Cloak Mod OWB paddle holster, as well as adjustable ride height.

The Cloak Mod is a modular outside the waistband holster that has a paddle clip that may be swapped out for a belt slide attachment. Its base has a flex steel plate that's encapsulated in a thermo elastomer retention membrane. That membrane grips the handgun.

The Cloak Slide is Alien Gear's secondary OWB holster for this S&W handgun. It's a belt slide system with a leather backer, featuring a swappable shell that may be transplanted to any of these holsters — like the Cloak Slide IWB holster, which similarly has a premium leather backer.

Swappable shells may be purchased for all holsters, meaning multiple handgun models may be carried on the same backer.

Additionally, IWB or OWB mag carriers are offered in either single or double configurations, and may be bundled with any of the holsters. The mag bucket may be altered to accommodate single or double stack magazines in variable calibers.

All this equipment is secured with Alien Gear's Iron Clad Guarantee, which includes a Forever Warranty, 30-day test drive and free shell trades for life.