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Holsters for Springfield XD Mod.2 Subcompact 9mm/.40 cal 3 inch

Open Carry

Springfield XD Mod 2 Holster for Concealed Carry by Alien Gear Holsters

Welcome to the world of Springfield and Alien Gear Holsters, a place where quality and concealability collide. You’re seeking a holster to use with your XD Mod.2, and we’ve got several perfect xd Mod 2 IWB holsters for your carrying needs. Your Springfield sub-compact pistol is modern, sleek, and technically advanced. Your xd mod 2 holster should be the same.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 inside the waistband (IWB) composite holster will conceal your XD Mod 2 while providing you with a comfort you’ve never felt before. It all begins with its thoughtful design and quality components. Let’s break it down.

For the engineers working at Alien Gear Holsters, integrating customizable options into the Cloak Tuck’s design is crucial. Keeping this in mind, this dedicated and determined team has made a Springfield xd mod 2 holster capable of being fully adjusted from the inside out. With just a few screw modifications, you can adjust your Xd Mod 2 holsters’ ride height, cant (angle), and retention. This allows you to carry your Springfield XD Mod 2 the way you’d like to.

Alien Gear Holsters and the highly trained manufacturing crew will fit your Springfield xd mod 2 holster with the perfect holster shell to seamlessly match your Springfield. This thick and durable mold covers your entire barrel, which protects the front sight of your Springfield XD Mod.2.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 isn’t just comfortable and customizable; it’s undeniably strong. We start by adding a stainless spring-steel core, a layer of ballistic nylon, and a tough Alien Skin surface to keep it all together. If you prefer carrying outside the waistband, consider our Cloak Slide Springfield XD Mod 2 OWB holster. This all-leather base clings to your belt, while your XD Mod.2 rests inside the custom shell. Like the Cloak Tuck series, this OWB holster’s retention can easily be adjusted with the turn of a few screws.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Alien Gear Holsters purchase, send your mod 2 holster back in the first 30 days and we’ll give you a full refund-no questions asked. Also, if anything breaks on your holster while carrying your XD Mod.2, we’ll repair or replace it for free. Forever.

Our Iron-Clad Triple Guarantee also comes with Free Shell Trades for Life, which allows you to swap shells with us to match the gun that you’d like to carry for free. Invest in the future of concealed carry with an XD Mod 2 Alien Gear Holster.