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Holsters for Walther PPQ Sub Compact


Walther PPQ Subcompact Holsters by Alien Gear Holsters

The Walther PPQ Subcompact puts the ergonomic and shooting excellence of a Walther handgun in a carryable compact package. An Alien Gear Walther PPQ Subcompact holster lets you carry that pistol in comfort to match.

It's a carry gun. Therefore, pick a good PPQ Subcompact concealed carry holster to carry it with, or open carry setup.

Regardless of how you'll carry it, you need a holster that's comfortable to carry with. You need a secure, molded fit and provides adequate retention to keep the pistol in the holster. Otherwise, you'll find reasons not to use a holster for PPQ Subcompact pistols.

Alien Gear Holsters specializes in comfortable, fully-functional carry holsters. All of our holsters for PPQ Subcompact pistols start with a custom-molded retention shell, with adjustable retention.

You set the retention profile as you want it, with a tight hold or slick draw as you see fit. How you carry is up to you.

Should you prefer easy concealed carry, select one of our Walther PPQ Subcompact IWB holster designs. If you prefer classic designs, the Cloak Tuck leather hybrid IWB gives you a tried and true holster design at an incomparable value. The Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB is a completely modern holster design, with a breathable, moisture wicking neoprene backing for the utmost in comfort.

If you prefer a Walther PPQ Subcompact OWB holster, options about as well. The Cloak Slide OWB is a leather belt slide holster, an intuitive and easy design that can conceal or wear openly at discretion. Should you prefer a little more versatility, the Cloak Mod Paddle Holster can be adjusted for cant angle and the belt attachment can be changed from a paddle to a belt slide attachment, all at your discretion.

All Walther PPQ Subcompact holsters made by Alien Gear Holsters are made in the USA and come backed by Alien Gear Holsters' Iron-Clad Guarantee.

This comprehensive product guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period after purchase, and our Forever Warranty - a comprehensive product warranty - for the lifetime of the holster. We'll even trade retention shells with you if you trade in your gun for a new model but want to keep using your holster.

Discover a whole new universe of carry possibilities and start your Test Drive today!