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Hook and Loop Holster FAQ by Alien Gear Holsters | Have a question about the Hook and Loop holsters? Alien Gear Holsters has provided a list of answers for the most commonly asked questions!

Hook & Loop FAQ

Q: How many Landing Pads come with the holster?

A: Three Landing Pads (the “loop” base) are included with the holster and the expansion pack, which gives you the ability to transfer your holster from place to place. But if you need additional mounting pads, you can purchase them individually here.

Q: How do I maintain the hook and loop surfaces of my holster?

A: It is important to keep the “hook” surface of your holster as free of lint and debris as possible to ensure a successful bond between the hook and loop surfaces when pressed together.

Q: Is the VELCRO® brand hook and loop going to wear down and stop working?

A: We’ve tested the VELCRO® brand fasteners through thousands of holster removals, but in case anything happens, the holster base is covered by our Forever Warranty.

Q: Will my current holster work with this?

If you already own an Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift or Cloak Series holster, the shell from your holster is compatible with the corresponding expansion pack (i.e. if you have a ShapeShift holster, the ShapeShift shell will work with the ShapeShift Hook & Loop Expansion Pack. If you have a Cloak Series holster, the Cloak shell will work with the Cloak Hook & Loop Holster Base.)

Q: Where should I NOT mount my Hook & Loop Holster?

A: The mounting pads are made to stick to almost any hard, smooth surface. It’s not recommended to try sticking it to:

  • Fabric or soft surfaces
  • Dusty or dirty surfaces
  • Surfaces cleaned with oil-based cleaner
  • Surfaces that are uneven or textured

Q: Why isn’t my Landing Pad sticking to the surface I have selected?

A: There are substances, like popular upholstery cleaning or shining agents, that may affect the Landing Pads’ adhesive ability. Any oil or wax-based agents that have been applied to the prospective surface may compromise the adhesive abilities of the Landing Pad.

Q: My gun isn’t available for the ShapeShift series. Do I have any other options?

A: Definitely! We’re adding more guns to our ShapeShift line all the time, but in the meantime, you might have better luck with the Cloak Series. The Cloak Series is compatible with nearly 600 types of handguns. See if your gun is on our Gun List. You can also check out future ShapeShift offerings on our ShapeShift Release Calendar.

Q: Can I reuse or move the Landing Pad once it’s mounted?

A: It’s not recommended to try removing or reusing the mounting pad once it’s mounted, as the adhesive may become compromised.

Q: Will the Landing Pads cause damage to the surface I put them on?

A: Depending on the material you attach the Landing Pads to, there is a chance that the industrial-strength adhesive will cause damage upon removal, as is the case with nearly all adhesives. After the adhesive has cured (24 hours after application) the Landing Pad will be very difficult to remove and/or reposition. Please heavily consider where the Landing Pad is placed before adhering it to the surface. Surfaces affected or blemished by the adhesive pad will not be covered by the holster's warranty.

Q: Can I draw my firearm from this holster when it’s mounted to a surface?

A: If it’s placed somewhere at a good enough angle for you to reach for your weapon safely with a full firing grip, you can absolutely draw your handgun from the holster while it’s mounted. As with any draw position, be sure that your finger is not on the trigger. It’s good to practice drawing from your holsters to form muscle memory—it’s helpful to not have to think about the motion if there’s an emergency.

Q: What if I receive this holster and realize it’s not for me?

A: All of our holsters, including this one, come with a 30-day Test Drive. You have 30 days to return this holster for a refund if you decide it isn’t for you.