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Landing Pad


Landing Pads

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a complete holster and is intended only for use with the ShapeShift Hook & Loop Holster.

Our new line of Hook & Loop Holsters makes it easier than ever to keep your firearm within reach. Now you can purchase additional adhesive VELCRO® brand material mounting pads, so you can mount your holster in even more places.

We’ve tested our high-strength adhesive up to 230°, so you don’t need to worry about the summer heat if you choose to mount your holster in your vehicle. Our premium high life-cycle VELCRO® brand material Landing Pads have been tested and proofed beyond 2,000 holster removals, so you can rest assured that these Landing Pads will be reliable whenever you need them.

To apply, simply remove the backing from the mounting pads to expose the high-strength adhesive. Place the Landing Pad on virtually any smooth, hard surface and give at least 24 hours of curing time before placing your Hook & Loop Holster on it.

Select the quantity you need and head to check out to have endless possibilities for mounting your firearm wherever you need it most.

Please thoroughly consider where you place the adhesive Landing Pad. Some surfaces may be blemished if the adhesive pad is forcibly removed and/or repositioned after fully curing for 24 hours.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of VELCRO BVBA. Used with permission.

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Great holster. Landing pad won't stay attached. Review by Joe
I love Alien Gear holsters. I have an IWB holster and this is my second. I tried 2 landing pads in my car. The first one was on the side carpet to the right of the steering wheel. I placed it there, waited 36 hours for it to cure, and attached the holster. It held for a couple days and then began to peel off. I tool a second landing pad and placed it on the plastic below the steering wheel. I waited 48 hours and attached the holster. Once again, it lasted a couple of days and peeled off. My suggestion is to find a landing pad with a stronger adhesive. (Posted on 8/16/2018)

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