Hunting Holsters from Alien Gear

Our hunting holster combos are the perfect accessory packages for those who like to have a sidearm while hunting or who hunt with a handgun.

We know that not every hunter or outdoorsman or outdoorswoman is always able to put a handgun in the traditional outside the waistband position, though it is the preferred method of carrying a pistol when concealment is not a priority.

If you need to keep your handgun handy in the woods, on the mountain, or deep in the brush, we have a bundle for you.

Alien Gear Holsters gives you the options you need to carry how you want, when you want to. That's why our hunting holster bundles include multiple holster styles, to give you the freedom of choice in how you want to carry.

ShapeShift Outdoorsman Bundle

The ShapeShift Hunting Holster Bundle gives you multiple options for carrying your pistol during hunting season. If you like being able to seamlessly switch between holster styles, buy this holster bundle for a steep discount.

It's common practice to carry a pistol as a backup in the outdoors. However, not everyone is able to carry on the waistband while doing so. Your rifle or shotgun may be slung across your shoulder, and many hunters also carry a backpack. If you've ever wished there were easy ways to get around these obstacles, that's what the ShapeShift hunting bundle is for

ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster, with our durable leg mount for a comfortable, secure carry on the thigh. Elastic leg bands allow for a tight hold without discomfort, and an adjustable belt loop to set the perfect ride height.

Product Features:

  • - Active and Passive Retention
  • - Adjustable Straps
  • - Mag Carrier Compatibility

The ShapeShift Paddle Holster OWB. This secure belt attachment docks with the ShapeShift shell, turning it into a belt holster with active and passive retention. You get our paddle attachment if preferred, or our belt slide for a traditional belt holster.

Product Features:

  • - Active and Passive Retention
  • - Adjustable Cant
  • - Paddle and Belt Slide Options

The ShapeShift MOLLE Holster allows the ShapeShift OWB shell system to be attached to any MOLLE webbing. A locking cap is included to secure the holster in place once placed inside the webbing of your pack, battle belt or other MOLLE webbing.

Product Features:

  • - Works with any MOLLE webbing.
  • - Locking cap secures the holster
  • - Adjustable Cant

The ShapeShift Backpack Expansion is a docking clamp for the ShapeShift OWB holster system. You open the clamp, and close it around your backpack shoulder strap or other strapping of your choice.

Product Features:

  • - Secure Locking Clamp
  • - Adjustable Cant
  • - Locking Connection with Holster

The Cloak Chest Holster puts your pistol on the chest, if your waist and shoulders are taken up by a backpack. Engineered to wear comfortably, and securely, while keeping your pistol in an easily-accessed location if needed.

Product Features:

  • - Neoprene Backing for Comfort
  • - Woven Nylon Straps for Quiet Movement
  • - Custom-Molded Shell with Adjustable Retention

Cloak Outdoorsman Bundle

The Cloak series hunting holster bundle gives you the options you need for carrying your backup gun or hunting handgun in any position you want. If you need options for how you carry when concealment isn't a priority, get into this holster combo.

Carrying a pistol when you've already got a rifle or shotgun on a sling - and a pack on your back and waist - is a challenge. This holster bundle gives you several options for how you can tackle that challenge.

The Cloak Mod Paddle Holster OWB, our most durable OWB design in the Cloak series. The Cloak Mod features a custom-molded retention shell, spring steel-assisted passive retention and swappable belt attachments. Use the standard paddle, or swap to a belt slide attachment for use as a traditional open-top belt holster.

Product Features:

  • - Adjustable Custom-Molded Retention Shell
  • - Swappable Paddle or Belt Slide Attachments
  • - Adjustable Cant Angle

The Cloak Mod Drop Leg Holster is contoured for comfort, and with elastic straps for a secure but comfortable carry. You can even attach Alien Gear Holsters magazine carriers, which are sold separately.

Product Features:

  • - Elastic Leg Bands with No-Slip Lining
  • - Adjustable Belt Loop
  • - Custom-molded Retention Shell

A comfortable, secure chest holster with a breathable neoprene backing and bound edges for comfort. The holster base is reinforced with woven nylon and spring steel, giving the pistol a solid platform.

Product Features:

  • - Comfortable Neoprene Base
  • - Adjustable Straps
  • - Customizable Retention