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ShapeShift OWB Paddle Holster for Kimber Micro 380


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Looking for the ultimate Kimber Micro .380 OWB holster? Look no further than the ShapeShift Kimber Micro Paddle OWB. This holster has been designed to take anything and everything you can throw at it and keep on coming.

Maybe you want a Kimber Micro paddle holster for range work, carrying around the house, or for throwing on every now and again when you need to nip out of the house for a few minutes in a slight hurry. Plenty of good reasons exist to equip yourself with a quality OWB. This holster will do it all.

The holster itself is molded from a proprietary polymer blend, formulated for the utmost in strength and durability. It's nearly the same polymer used to make many pistol frames, so it can take the abuse and then some. You'll also find it fits perfectly right out of the box, as it's custom-molded for the Kimber Micro .380 and no other gun.

As to retention, a good deal of Kimber Micro OWB holsters ask you to just be okay with what comes from the factory. We don't. Retention is fully customizable. You can carry with adjustable passive retention, or employ the thumb release for active retention...or use both.

That's right. This is a full Level II Kimber Micro .380 retention holster.

The belt attachment is adjustable for cant angle. While the paddle holster attachment is shipped on the holster, you'll also notice that a belt slide comes with it. Change them in moments with the included hex key in case you wish to.

A more versatile Kimber Micro OWB holster is not available anywhere else in this universe.

However, we understand that sometimes you need a little time to make up your mind about a holster. That's why our Iron-Clad Guarantee includes a 30 Day Test Drive trial period, along with the Forever Warranty. We think that once you try it on, you won't want to wear any other OWB.

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