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Alien Gear Holster Reviews

Rated 4.16 out of 5 stars. Based on 7104 reviews

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VERY NICE by D.C. on 06/01/2014

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

I purchased my first Cloak Tuck holster last week, and I received it within a week. I am right handed so I ordered the right hand draw, but I wear it in the small of my back. I needed the left hand draw. I like this holster so much that I just ordered a second one with the left hand draw instead of returning the other. Now I have both for whatever way that I want to carry. I highly recommend this holster. Very comfortable!

So far amazing by CBR_FREAK on 09/25/2017

Cloak Mod Drop Leg Holster

OK so I have had a chance to try this holster out for a little while now and this is what I have for you so far. First off it took very little adjustment to get it to fit my gun to a T, and very easy to adjust. 17 degrees If I remember right... of forward can't and this draws better than any other drop leg I have had my hands on. Second I ordered one that was supposed to right with an rmr red dot, but because my walther creed is a non Mos model and didn't have a slide cut for a dot. I used a EWG dovetail rear sight adapter. I had to do some minor tweaking of the kydex shell to make it fit with the dot. No big deal so I took a boat a 1/2 by 1/4 inch cut to fit the sight as well. Still the best drop I have ever had my hands on. Yes the cloak may not be the shape shifter but it makes up for it in easy of use and comfortability. I am in love with this drop. Thank you alien gear for doing such a great job. And if you would like I can send photos later to you for the rmr cut I had to make in case someone else needs a rmr cut shell for their creed.

Cloak shoulder holster by Randy on 06/26/2019

Alien Gear Cloak Shoulder Holster

The holster is very nice and well built, But I really want to leave a review of Alien gear customer service. When the holster came it was the wrong type (computer mistake). I called right away and reached Megan. She took care of everything and had the right holster shipped out that day. With a return call to say it was on its way!! That is great service. I have many alien gear holsters and this is why I will keep buying and telling everyone I know how good they are. The holster is great but knowing there is great service behind it makes it even better. Thank you Megan and Alien gear for a great product.

Great product by William on 06/23/2018

ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

I bought a shoulder holster for my 1911. It fits me perfect, after a little adjustments.

excellent holster by me on 09/20/2017

ShapeShift Drop Leg Holster

Just received my drop leg holster for my H&K vp9, excellent rig, well built ,i am very pleased with it, would recommend it, to anyone looking for this kind of holster

Great products by Shandale on 06/18/2017

ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I love the durable feel of these holsters, however they do not work with the crimson trace lasers, which sucks very much.

Holster by DB on 03/04/2021

Sport Tuck Belly Band & Holster Bundle

Runs small. Other than that great comfortable product

The Driver Defense Holster is a absolute game changer by Bodie on 05/25/2018

ShapeShift Driver Defense Holster

Quick and easy more “reaching and hoping” you can get your hand on your weapon quick and efficiently. Game changer!!!

Glock 19 holster will fit the glock 45! by Rui on 08/06/2017

Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

Thank you Max for being awesome and the whole customer service. I know shipping might be hard on some models but I highly Recommend this holster! I was very Amazed by the quality of the holster. comfortable fit and I can easily re holster without my big gut getting pinched. I'm a bit impatient and at the time I really needed a holster when my other one seized on me. Max got this holster to me within two and a half weeks and it had to be custom made. Definitely worth the wait for its build quality and thank you again Max and the Support team for sending this to me and understanding my situation! They do care folks!

Cloak Tuck 3.5 by Ken on 06/28/2015

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

When I was looking to trade in my ancient and original leather IWB with the shell, "Tom" told me that for $6 I could upgrade my original (purchased during the first 2 weeks after the company's inception) holster for a Cloak Tuck if I sent the old holster in. I wore the new holster yesterday with the shell for my Colt .45 Defender and I hardly knew I was wearing it. This is a great, comfortable holster and if you are on the fence about the Cloak Tuck, just go ahead and buy one. You will not be disappointed.

Great system by Jose on 06/18/2017

ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I love the system!! However, I have had to do alot of tightening throughout time. I feel it could be just a little bit more solid. But I now have a core carry pack for every pistol I own and my duty weapon. For the last six months it all has worked great. I never carried IWB until I discovered alien gear. Love it! Using with Glock 19, and 22. Also a Hellcat.

Love holster by Charlie on 06/28/2015

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Love the holster I only wish i didnt get the lether one.

SCCY CPX-1RD holster a perfect fit! by StringDancer on 04/05/2016

Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

The SCCY CPX-1RD (red-dot) is fairly new, and I had a hard time finding a proper holster. The CPX model AlienGear had listed wasn't an RD model, so I called customer support and was told they would make a modified CPX holster that would accommodate the optics. Had to wait longer than I would have wanted, but once I received the holster I was delighted to find that it was perfectly molded to fit my weapon, and also completely protects the sensitive optic. It's easy on the draw and to holster the gun, but holds it snugly and close to my body. Two thumbs up!!

10/10 would holster here again by Brandon on 04/26/2019

Alien Gear Cloak Belt Holster

Ive had my eye on alien gear for some time now, and i finally sat down and made the commitment. Im usually more of a soft body holster kinda guy, but the hybrid cloak belt holster caught my eye something fierce. The material quality is awesome, and the amount of extra hardware included allows for a ton of little tweaks to get the retention your looking for. In addition the holster sits high on the belt line allowing for easy concealment with just a t-shirt. And the vented backing breathes well, so you wont end up with a swampy holster after a long day concealing around town. Customer service through alien gear is awesome as well. They answered every question i had in a quick efficient manner. And for anyone else looking into it, the sig mosquito holster works prefect for the gsg firefly with very limited modifications needed for the model with the threaded barrel only.

Excellent product by Keith on 10/24/2017

ShapeShift MOLLE Carry Expansion Pack

Great addition for backpack or vest. Will be ordering another one soon for my backpack. The ShapeShift system is awesome. Very high quality, very durable and light. And it is Made In USA!

Great warranty by Olyn on 07/27/2013

Cloak Series Finished Shell

My holster was about 5 years old, worn EVERY day and shown no mercy. The shell finally cracked. Customer service was FANTASTIC, had a new shell on my doorstep in less than a week. I highly recommend doing business with Aliengear. They stand behind their products.

Solid company on all fronts by Ben on 06/23/2018

ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

American quality supporting Americans inalienable rights...made in America

Beats the tropical heat ! by Nitecat on 08/06/2017

Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

Over the last 15 years I've had different handguns and therefore tried many different holsters. Your new Shapeshift 4.0 is so comfortable I almost forget I'm wearing it ,even doing yard work in south Florida. I get no hot spots or digging in the side. Great design ! I just ordered another Alien Gear product for another firearm !

Great holster pack! by Russell on 06/18/2017

ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I bought this for a S&W 9MM M&P and I love it. I especially love how it works with my M&P Shield which I only bought the back holster for. If you have multiple carries and want a great value this is the system to go with! My only complaint on the holster is the Paddle OWB holster doesn't hold very tight to the belt so there is some wiggle room there. Otherwise I love this holster system.

Great holster by Joshua on 06/01/2014

Alien Gear Cloak Slide OWB Holster (Outside the Waistband)

Love the holster since I’ve worn it for over a week now, I had a problem with one of the screws coming out on one of the belt loops but other than that it is a great holster

Shoulder Holster by Richard on 06/26/2019

Alien Gear Cloak Shoulder Holster

First shoulder holster ever and I really like it! Quality is tops and it is extremely comfortable! Not the best for conceal carry but I really like it!

Quick shipping and great gear! by SSgtB on 04/26/2019

Alien Gear Cloak Belt Holster

I ordered a Cloak Holster for my Sig P228 on 18Apr21 and received four days later! The holster looks and feels great! I put it in as soon as I could to test the fitting to me and my gun, and it was perfect! I also, ordered a double stack magazine along with my holster and it is also well made and user friendly! I love to ease of use and the ability to cant the bucket in any configuration I want! I can’t wait to take it to the range!

Awesome Product by Jacob on 08/06/2017

Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

This holster has surpassed any of my expectations. I purchased one as a new trial so see how it fit my shield. I will say that this holster breathes well in the heat. I was so amazed that I ordered a shell for the rest of my carry pistols.

Very stiff belt clips by Ronald on 06/28/2015

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5 IWB Holster (Inside the Waistband)

Comfortable holster, but the plastic belt clips are very stiff. Broke my thumbnail trying to put clip over belt. I don’t want to do that every time I change my pants. I am considering returning the holster.

Best Holster Ever by Chaoticfoxx87 on 08/06/2017

Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

After 4 years of my Cloak-tuck IWB holster with my SD9, I decided it was time to upgrade. Grabbed the new Shapeshift and now I don't think I'll ever touch my Cloak-tuck again. I wear it 10+ hours a day with no discomfort or any complaints. I also ride my motorcycle with it, and though the draw is quick and easy the gun stays firmly in place even over rough pavement and high speed bumps. I think the only thing missing at this point is an option for a shell compatible with an under barrel light/laser combo. Maybe I'll fire off an email to see if that could be done. Either way, if you're looking for the most comfortable IWB holster on the market: it's right here.

Slight Modification by Fred on 06/23/2018

ShapeShift Shoulder Holster

I ordered this holster for my Taurus PT809. The molding was excellent and the craftmanship is top notch. The only issue I had was the screws were not long enough in order to fit the width of my weapon and the retention straps. The longest screw was a 3/4 inch. So I went to ACE Hardware and found the same screws (1 inch length) for .75 cents. So for an extra $1.50 and everything is great. When I called customer service, they were wonderful and sorry they didn't have longer screws. No worries. Great product. I will be buying another for the wife in the future.

Hands down, the best holster! by Lsteve on 06/18/2017

ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

Several years ago, after trying countless holsters, I decided to try your Shapeshifter system for my EDC, Glock 19. I instantly fell in love with your holster! Fast forward to a few months ago, I switched from a G19 to a Sig P365. I immediately ordered a new shell and anxiously waited for the delivery over the next few weeks. Meanwhile, I used a universal soft shell (sleeve type) holster that I had. Well, today my new shell arrived and I fell in love all over again! I cannot recommend this system enough! I carry in the appendix position and this holster is by far the most comfortable system I found! Your holster is simply the best!!!

Exactly as advertised by Nathan on 06/18/2017

ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

They’re not lying about the modularity, comfort, durability, or flexibility of the Core Carry Pack. Mine arrived at the beginning of the month and I have been wearing it ever since. I carry a couple different pistols in a couple of different ways, and having the ability to switch almost effortlessly from one style or gun to another. The biggest complaint I have is that there aren’t enough options yet. I have shells for my G22 and my Sig P320, but how long will it be until there’s one for my CZ 75 or my YC9? Is there any way to get a custom shell made?

Great customer service by JM on 05/16/2019

Sport Tuck Belly Band Expansion Pack

I ordered the belly band to use with my shape shift pack. I received a smaller size than I ordered and sent it back for exchange. They actually called me to make sure they were sending the correct size the second time........Called That's a good company. Thanks!

Solid EDC option by Jesus on 06/18/2017

ShapeShift Core Carry Pack

I've been using the shapeshift iwb for about 2 years now. Very solid, comfortable and reliable. I love the versatility. I normally carry at around 4 o clock regularly but during hunting/camping excursions i switch up to the owb option. Switching is super easy. I'd highly recommend this option for anyone and any firearm its designed for. The adaptability is worth far more than the price tag.