Sig P320 Compact 9mm Holster


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ShapeShift Sig P320 Compact 9mm IWB Holster by Alien Gear Holsters

The standard for easy concealed carry for the P320 Compact 9mm is going to be a Sig P320 Compact IWB holster. The winged design of the traditional IWB offers the support this pistol needs to be carried effectively.

However, in order for a Sig P320 Compact concealed carry holster to work well, it has to carry comfortably, otherwise you won't use it. It has to carry securely, otherwise you can't trust it. Some adjustability is also a desired trait, as some people are particular about how their carry gun sits.

Comfort is not going to be a problem. The base of this Sig P320 Compact hybrid holster is designed to carry more comfortably than almost any other. You'll feel our CoolVent neoprene, acting as a cushioning layer while wicking away moisture and breathing against the skin. Edge binding keeps you from feeling the outer edges of the holster base.

The innovative design of the ShapeShift shell system mounts the retention shell of this Sig P320 Compact IWB holster on one side of the shell. That means the overall footprint of the holster is reduced, as this holster is almost 25 percent smaller than our conventional IWB designs.

The retention shell of the ShapeShift IWB holster for Sig P320 Compact pistols is custom-molded for the P320 Compact, so you get custom fitment right out of the packaging. The trigger guard is fully wrapped by the Shift Shell, giving you even greater security.

Passive retention is fully adjustable, so you can dial in the hold exactly how you want it. A tight hold, a slick's all up to you. The holster belt clips are also adjustable, so you can set the perfect ride height and cant angle. Your choice of belt clip is available at the point of purchase, or you may wish to have a few different options for the sake of variety.

Any holster sold by Alien Gear Holsters comes with our Iron-Clad Guarantee, including a 30 Day Test Drive trial period, during which you can return the holster for a full refund if unsatisfied. You also get a lifetime warranty against all defects and damages.

This is a shift in the kind of comfort you can expect from a Sig P320 Compact IWB. Start your Test Drive today and see for yourself.
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