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Top 5 Ambidextrous Handguns For Left Handed Concealed Carriers

Most any pistol or revolver can be operated by either hand with sufficient training and practice. However, in this article, we're going over five different handguns that rock for lefties.

Ruger SR9c

left handed handguns

The Ruger SR9c has a safety that's ambidextrous – very rare. The magazine release and slide release are also accessible with either hand. Best of all? It's a great concealed carry pistol and comes in compliant versions for state-specific restrictions (like California).

Caliber: 9mm

MSRP: $379

Official Website

Holster: Ruger SR9c Holsters

Glock 17/19

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Nearly any Glock can be readily used with either hand. Because there is no manual safety, it's just a question of getting used to triggering the the slide release and magazine release with either hand. This is something that can be figured out easily – ergo plenty of lefties have stuck with the Glock 19 as a go-to concealed carry pistol.

Caliber: 9mm

MSRP: $539

Official Website

Holster: Glock 17 Holsters and Glock 19 Holsters

Heckler & Koch VP9

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This has become a fan favorite amongst southpaws. In terms of ergonomics, the HK VP9 absolutely destroys the competition. It's a striker-fire pistol with ambidextrous controls (magazine release, slide release) that has some very unique design features that set it apart from many of the other striker-fire pistols out there.

Caliber: 9mm

MSRP: $719

Official Website

Holster: Heckler & Koch VP9 Holsters

Smith & Wesson Model 686

left handed ccw

I can't think of a revolver that isn't ambidextrous. That said, this is certainly one that stands out for lefties. The Smith & Wesson Model 686 is a no-nonsense concealed carry revolver with a full grip and 7 round capacity. Able to chamber either .357 Magnum or .38 S&W Special +P (overpressurized), it's more than capable of handling itself in a self-defense situation. If you're a fan of revolvers, definitely check this one out next time you're at the range.

Caliber: .357 Magnum or .38 Spc +P

MSRP: $1,089

Official Website

Holster: Smith & Wesson Model Revolver Holsters

Beretta Nano

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Beretta's next generation of pistols were designed with modular features. This means that the shooter is in control of how he wants to set up his pistol. If he wants to be a lefty, he can set up the magazine slide release, external safety, and slide release for left-hand side. If he's a traditional southpaw that is used to certain controls being on the right side, he can do that as well. It's a very versatile, compact concealed carry pistol. Be warned – it does snap something fierce.

Caliber: 9mm

MSRP: $450

Official Website

Holster: Beretta Nano Holsters

Are these the only options available to a left-handed shooter? Absolutely not. Left-handed shooters have a number of pistols and revolvers at their disposal. Increasingly, manufacturers are designing their next gen pistols to be modular so that left-handed shooters have an easier time accessing them.

The best way to test if a left-handed concealed carry pistol is right for you is to test drive it at the range. This will give you a very good feel for how the pistol operates within your hands – not just how it looks in the display case.

And just remember – All Alien Gear Holsters are available with a left hand option. Simple select left handed or right handed preference at checkout and we'll customize your concealed carry holster for you.

In addition we also provide a lifetime change-out for the high-retention holster shells. Just because you switch up your choice in pistol doesn't mean you can't carry in your Alien Gear Cloak Tuck.

Finding A Left Handed Holster

Just because being left-handed may deprive you of a few choices of things doesn't mean there aren't a good number of left handed holsters out there. Plenty of left-handed carry rigs are available to the southpaw, including IWB and OWB holsters, in either leather or modern materials. Check out these left-handed holsters by Alien Gear.



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