The 5 Phases of Concealed Carry

Once you get that envelope in the mail with your concealed carry permit in it, the world is about to change for the better. Now, your family and those close to you will have a responsible concealed carrier to ensure they're safe. But that's all just beginning. Today, you have your permit in your hand. Now is the time to make the right decision – carry everyday, every where you're permitted by law. This means there is one more good guy out there walking about.

Let's talk about some of the changes you're going to see take place:

Situational Awareness

situational awareness for concealed carry

You're naturally going to become more aware that you have a gun in a comfortable concealed carry gun holster that has good retention and a comfortable backpad. This means you can jump in your car, go for a drive, and get out without having to adjust or move your holster.

You may also notice you pay more attention to people you meet and interact with. That's good. Paying attention is important. There's a 99% you'll never need to draw your handgun in self-defense. But paying attention to those around you, their behavior, and how they move will all help influence your chances of success if you do need to draw.

Concealed Carriers Plan Ahead

concealed carry daily plan

You walk into the grocery store to pick up a gallon of milk. Already, when you're moving in through the front door, your eyes glance around to see who's in the store and what they're doing. You don't see any threats but you may catch yourself wondering what happens if an armed gunman comes in through the door. Will that ice cooler over there work as cover?

That's just an example you may find yourself running into more frequently now that you're carrying everyday. And that is also not a bad thing. While it's important to stay grounded in reality, you also know that you need to know your options.

Worrying About Printing

Printing refers to the impression made in one's clothes when hiding a gun. Spotting refers to someone else spotting that you have a concealed handgun. Both can cause some anxiety. It's important to carry a gun you feel confident about. And it may also be a priority to ensure no one else knows you're carrying. This doesn't mean wearing a thick down jacket in the middle of July – it just means making a few adjustments here or there to how you wear your clothing.

It's important to carry a gun you feel confident about

A good solid gun belt can also help because it will prevent “gun sagging”. Gun sagging refers to your handgun weighing down on your belt and causing a slouch to form on the side you're carrying. A good gun belt will keep your waistline straight whether you're getting out of the car or walking around the block.

Training For CCW Situations

ccw training

As a responsible concealed carrier, you need to train. It's not just time spent on the shooting range – it's also practical things like drawing and reholstering properly. Just as important as putting rounds center mass on a target is being able to confidently and safely draw your handgun.

Courteous Carry

avoid arguments while carrying

While armed, you have a responsibility to yourself, the law of the land, and others to not engage in frivolous behavior that could promote violence. You may notice that people who are legally armed tend to be a bit more diplomatic.

While armed, you have a responsibility to yourself, the law of the land, and others

Hopefully, you'll see this in yourself as well. When that guy cuts you off in traffic or a situation presents itself where someone is acting the fool, you'll hopefully see this as an opportunity to separate yourself from that fool versus getting muddy in his affairs.


About The Author

James England (@sir_jim_england) is the contributing editor for Alien Gear Holsters. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and private defense contracting in Afghanistan.