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You Should Carry Concealed If You Carry

If you're going to carry a gun, you should carry concealed. Not that open carry shouldn't be allowed; open carry has it's place and time and people should when appropriate to do so. However, concealed carry is the best method for carrying a gun while out and about.

There are a number of reasons why you should concealed carry as your primary carry method. Essentially, it is the more responsible choice and more advantageous to you.

Again, this isn't to say that a person shouldn't open carry or get into another tired debate over concealed vs open carry. These are reasons to carry concealed, and why a person should do so as a general rule.

Concealed Carry Offends No One

One of the reasons why you should concealed carry has to do with your fellow citizens. As a gun owner, you are responsible for what you do with your guns and how you comport yourself with them.

If you are open carrying - even if you have every legal right to do so - and you cause someone to become uncomfortable or possibly trigger some sort of emotional event, that is something that you possibly could have prevented by concealing. Granted, some people are absolutely terrified of guns for illogical reasons and others are completely comfortable around them, but you can't anticipate whom you will be around nor what their outlook will be.

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What you can control is whether they are made aware of you carrying. Thus, carrying concealed ensures that you won't accidentally cause a panic even if all you're doing is stopping in someplace to grab a coffee.

A CCW Won't Be Noticed By Criminals

Another reason why you should concealed carry is that you won't be noticed by opportunistic criminals. Granted, some claim that open carry acts as a deterrent but open carry hasn't been found to be effective as a deterrent to criminals in any data-supported sense.

It is also the case that not carrying concealed can make you a target.

be able to defend yourself and others while being unnoticed

There have been instances of people open carrying being targeted for theft of the pistol, assault and other crimes. By keeping concealment, you make yourself less of an obvious target and cease to be thought of as a threat. This can give you the element of surprise, which can be invaluable.

Concealed Carry Is An Insurance Policy Against The Worst Possibilities

Some people think that the primary reason a person wants to concealed carry is extreme paranoia. If you really think you'll come under attack, the idea goes, then you either need medication or should move post haste. It's true that paranoia can be induced by a mental health condition and also that dangerous areas should be avoided, but that's not why most people concealed carry.

Concealed carry is an insurance policy against a possible threat.

Granted, the odds of encountering such a threat are very low...but then again, the odds you'll be in a car crash are low, which hardly stops anyone from purchasing car insurance. The idea is to have a solution for the worst-case scenario.

Therefore, it's about possibilities, not probabilities.

Another thing to bear in mind about this form of insurance is that the odds that you'll be able to summon a police officer in time to deal with a violent criminal are incredibly low. It's not their fault; unless you live next door to a police station it just becomes impractical. In fact, most violent crimes unfold so fast, the only way a police officer would be able to do anything would be if he was in the room.

What can a person do to insure themselves against the things that might happen? Carry a concealed handgun.

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