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concealed carry at the gym

Quick Tips For Exercise and Concealed Carry

Working out is really important. It's great for your reflexes not to mention your mental and physical well-being. For those that prefer to carry concealed at the gym, this article will hopefully propose a couple useful tips for you to use.

Consider Downsizing Your Carry Handgun.

downsizing your carry pistol

Your everyday carry when out and about in town may be too big or cumbersome for the tight constraints of working out in the gym. Concealed carry means using a gun and a holster configuration that benefits your ability to keep it concealed while working out.

High Retention is an Everyday Carry Rule

Don't even think about downgrading your everyday carry holster if you're going to replace it with anything that has less retention. Being safe and keeping other people around you safe means using a concealed carry holster that maintains tight control over the handgun and completely protects the trigger.

Wear a Longer Undershirt

If you're going to carry concealed at the gym, you might as well stay concealed. Get an undershirt that extends well past the torso so it can cover your handgun even when you're doing overhead exercises like pull-ups.

Use a Thick Fabric Belt For IWB Holsters

fabric belt for gym carry

While we normally recommend using a traditional gun belt for everyday carry purposes, a thick fabric or web belt can act as the perfect lightweight anchor to clip your inside the waistband concealed carry holster onto. Clipping your IWB to your gym shorts is going to cause serious gun sag. If you're running, you're going to constantly be pulling your pants up every few steps. Save yourself some serious hassle and just get a thick web belt that you can clip snugly to your torso.

If you use this in combination with Tip 3 (wearing a longer undershirt) then you'll find that you aren't nearly as worried about your gun being exposed or falling down.

Wear a Baggy Shirt.

Even though people tend to wear tight clothes at the gym to show off their form or physique, you may find it more practical to wear a baggier shirt if you're going to carry concealed in the gym. The reason is simple: it obscures your mid-torso and keeps you from printing or showing as easily. A tight Underarmor (or similar fabric) shirt will definitely reveal the fact you're carrying in an IWB. Avoid this hassle by following this tip in addition to the previous suggestions.

Make Sure Your Gym is Concealed Carry Friendly.

gun free zones and concealed carry

If your gym has clearly posted signs or rules about no weapons out on the gym floor (or the premises), try to respect that. There are gyms that honestly don't care – find that gym if you're serious about carrying concealed.

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