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Concealed Carry and Business Wear - What Are Your Options?

For those of us who carry in our place of work, we're probably used to business casual or professional attire. Indoor work environments are usually air conditioned and kept at temperatures that make wearing multiple layers slightly uncomfortable. Thus, let's discuss how best to carry concealed while in the workplace.

Foreword: Make Sure Your Employer Is Okay With Concealed Carry

If you own your own business or work closely with your boss who also carries concealed, you'll likely not have much difficulty with this. But for those working in bigger corporate chains or office buildings that have strict conditions to the lease, it's always best to check with Human Resources or your boss to ensure that carrying concealed is something allowed in the workplace. Here are five questions to ask before bringing your gun to work.

Dress For Success – Carrying Concealed In Business Attire

how to concealed carry in a suit

For men, the standard business attire usually consists of an ironed button-down shirt with a blazer and slacks. While formal business attire may be more complex or much more simplified, going off this basis can make it easy to discuss ways to carry a concealed firearm.

The fantastic thing about blazers is that they act as a disguising layer for any of the printing or showing which may occur if you just had your inside the waistband concealed carry holster sitting above your dress shirt and below the trousers. A recommended carry style is a 3 o'clock because it allows the blazer to more fully conceal the firearm. If you can, keep the blazer buttoned but not too tightly as it may press up against or print against the firearm.

If a blazer is out of the question and it's down to just a dress shirt, get an inside the waistband concealed carry holster that allows you to tuck over it with a shirt. The Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 is a fantastic example of this. The clips allow you to tuck over the top of the firearm while still being able to tuck in a dress shirt.

It also helps if you choose a sub-compact or micro-compact class of semi-automatic pistols. Many of these make flush, streamlined models that are not obtrusive or stick out in any way.

For women, business attire can sometimes mean something completely different. A blouse with either a pair of slacks or a skirt may be the norm in your workplace. Carrying a sub-compact or micro-compact is still possible so long as you have a blazer or similar attire to act as a covering layer. Something as simple as a sweater may be appropriate and helpful. A good inside the waistband concealed carry holster will usually have two clips and a backpad – allowing you to fasten the clips to the exterior of the skirt. If you find that this results in a sag, don't be afraid to add a belt to the mix. Any positive pressure which allows the holster to stay in place will be helpful.

Addressing The Issue Of Long Meetings

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In a traditional office setting, there will likely be long periods of time where you will be sitting in a chair. Depending upon the quality and comfort of that chair, you may be worried keeping that concealed carry handgun on your body may be inconvenient. If you find that you have stiff hips from sitting for a long time, try adjusting the position of that holster to one that does not impede either you sitting or leaning forward. This may take some experimentation but the standard 3 o'clock to 3:30 position will likely be beneficial.

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