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How carrying a conceaeld weapon at night saved my Life

Had I known what was going to happen to me that night I still would have gone. Some people may find that crazy, but the man I always want to be is the man I was that night.

This is the true story of how concealed carry saved my life and the lives of several others.
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When I first decided I needed my concealed carry permit I looked into several companies that offer training programs. I decided to go with Safe and Sane, a concealed carry class based in Barling, Arkansas. I have always been cautious, always aware of my surroundings and of suspicious behavior. This sense of protecting myself and others drove me to get my permit.

During the class I learned all of the rules and regulations that come with carrying a firearm on a daily basis. After absorbing all available information I made the decision to accept that responsibility.

When I took the class I used a Smith and Wesson 9mm, a relatively cheap, user friendly pistol, and a very good starter pistol. As my skill improved I chose to upgrade to a better pistol. After studying several types, I eventually selected the Glock model 22 a .40 Cal pistol for its reliability, accuracy, higher round count than the .45 Cal, and larger impact than the 9mm.

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The day I had to use my EDC started like any other. I woke up, took a shower, got dressed and hung out with my roommate/best friend watching TV.

We decided to go to the movie with a group of friends. The five of us were going to see The Neighbors at 7:30 pm. We pulled up and parked about 100 yards from the door (that’s how busy it was that night) and walked to the ticket counter and got our tickets. Then I suggested we walk back out to the truck to have a smoke.

Not knowing what was in store for us we walked out, had a smoke and that’s when Dustin, my roommate and best friend, noticed Tabitha’s (one of the friends we expected to meet) ex-husband riding around the parking lot.

This odd behavior put us on alert as we were aware she had some trouble with her ex. I had no idea what was in store for us.

We saw Tabitha pull up and park and walked over to say hi. She got out of her car on the phone then we saw him pull up in the next isle over and jump out of the passenger seat before the car even stopped.

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He started walking towards us in a very relaxed manner, like nothing was going to happen and said “hey guys”. Tabitha turns to see him and freaks out. When I look back at him he is pulling a gun from his waistband. Instantly I turn profile stance and push Tabitha behind her car. He fires and strikes me in the chest and the arm with one shot.

I didn’t realize I was hit, so I backed up and began to draw my weapon.

Before I could, he got ahold of Dustin and put the gun to his head. Thank God Dustin was fast enough to hit him with his elbow right as the gun went off right by his head. This made the aggressor stumble but he continued to head towards Tabitha and towards the entrance of the theater.

At this time I had my weapon drawn, lined up my sights and squeezed the trigger again and again until he was on the ground.

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At this point I realized I was bleeding and started to apply pressure and told Dustin to call 911. The aggressor then tried to get up after being struck several times.

Dustin and I pointed our guns at him again and I yelled “stay down”.

Off-duty police officers showed up and started to disarm Dustin and me. We complied completely until the on duty police, fire and EMS arrived.

They loaded me in an ambulance and took me to the hospital.

“The Walking Miracle” was my nickname after hospital staff’s assessment. I had several x-rays, scans, exams and labs. They had called in a surgeon and the Chaplain but I didn’t need them.

I had four holes from one bullet, in under my arm, out the chest, in and out of the upper arm.

Mentally, this event was not traumatizing for me. I had been preparing for it for years, as should everyone who accepts the responsibility of a concealed carry license. I did not then and have never doubted my decision to draw and fire to stop this aggressor.

In closing, my message to all gun owners out there that are reading this, always be prepared. This kind of attack can happen anywhere anytime, and if you’re not always prepared you’re never prepared.

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About The Author

Grayson Herrera has experience as a gunsmith and has had his Arkansas concealed carry license for three years. He is a firm believer in being prepared for any situation. In the past, he was forced to use his everyday designated carry firearm to protect his life and the lives of others.