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A pile of holsters for all of your guns and carry styles

Saving Money With Your Holster: Concealed Carry Can Be Expensive

There's a common problem with everyday carry — the holster drawer.

Gun owners typically carry with a holster in one of several carry styles and generally shop around, testing out gear until they find something that fits their needs in each carry style they prefer.

These costs add up with each singular holster in each new carry style, which is an issue modular holsters solve.

Here's how.

Modular Holsters Cut Costs

The ShapeShift saves space and cash

The ShapeShift Modular Holster reduces the cost of entry for open and concealed carry.

Gun owners, new and experienced, will find there are multiple materials holsters are made out of that contribute to the cost, comfort and quality of an individual carry style.

Note, however, that each carry style normally requires purchasing an entirely new product.

Trying out inside-the-waistband concealed carry? That's a purchase.

Outside-the-waistband open carry? Another separate purchase.

Ankle carry for a backup subcompact? Crack open that wallet again.

The ShapeShift Modular Holster System reduces the cost of purchasing equipment for separate carry styles due to the injection-molded, polymer Shift Shell.

This encloses the handgun's trigger guard and slide with a single unit. That component is then added to the holster designed and engineered for a specific carry style.

It's an innovative process that took Alien Gear years of prototyping each individual holster and immense investment in machinery and tooling to make it possible — note that all of this is on American soil.

The expansion packs you can use the Shift Shell with

The upcoming ShapeShift expansions

So, if a gun owner buys the ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster, they have the shell needed for the five other carry styles in the system, and need only buy the ShapeShift Carry Expansion Packs (which cost less than the complete holster) for, say, a drop leg holster, a MOLLE holster, a paddle holster, a belt slide holster, an appendix holster or one of the few holsters that will be released in the coming months.

These are ankle, pocket, shoulder and backpack holsters. There is even a car holster that will soon be released.

This brings up an important point.

Modular Holsters Offer Multiple Carry Styles

Modular holsters offer a safety net for both new and experienced gun owners: buy a holster you know will work, and then purchase the few materials needed for a carry style you want to try.

The paddle holster modular attachment
The MOLLE expansion pack
The IWB Carry holster

Not a fan of that new carry style? No worries. Alien Gear has a 30-day test drive policy, wherein the customer can send back the holster materials and receive a refund with no questions asked.

Aside from trying out new carry styles at low cost with minimal risk, modular holsters help simplify situational issues with everyday carry.

For example, in less than a minute one can go from open to concealed carry with differently configured ShapeShift Modular Holsters, should there be a geographical or location-based restriction.

This system isn't one holster for one carry style, which has been the industry standard.

It's multiple holsters for multiple carry styles at a fraction of the cost, each with individual teams at Alien Gear devoted to tooling, researching and engineering the most comfortable, competent and customizable experience possible.

It offers new gun owners the freedom to try the carry styles they're most interested in, and grants experienced gun owners alike the ability to build an arsenal of equipment that can be adjusted for passive and active retention, ride height, concealability and accessibility based on their experience and preference.

The Drop Leg holster is one such expansion

The Drop Leg Carry Expansion Pack is one example

All of this indicates the next change in the industry. Kydex shells are yesterday's holster.

Modular Holsters: The Next Generation Of Gun Accessory

Forget modular holsters for a minute. Look around. Most items are changing in a specific way.

One simple example:

Mobile phones are built to accept individual units of software to personalize and improve their utility — i.e. apps like social media and maps.

Phones at one point were siloed to rotary landlines. They operated in only one way with minimal alterations to their form factor or functionality.

In time, mobility was introduced to telecommunications with payphones and later with those bricks that vaguely resembled mobile phones.

Holsters are like phones in that way. They advanced from general usability for a wide audience with a basic form factor to a highly individualized item made based on who is carrying it and why.

They used to be soft, stitched leather in the general shape of the handgun one carried, something that got the job done but limited their efficiency and posed critical failures.

Kydex pancake and clam shells expanded the level of customization and adaptability, but still suffered from the same fault: limited use for a single carry style with limited personalization, if any.

The modular holster, which will be iterated and improved with time, allows for one system to be interchanged, reconfigured and modified to fit individual carry needs.

The industry standard single holster with a single function that fits a single way has worked for decades, but it means the average carrier has had to compromise.

Change for the sake of improving an entire industry was the catalyst for Alien Gear's search for an innovative way to carry.

Modularity is at the forefront of the gun industry. It's not a fad or a fun, little idea. It's the next step, and someone has to take it.

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