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How To Tell Your Date That You Carry A Concealed Gun

conceal carry on a date

The right time is prior to taking him or her out. Yes, plenty of women are applying for and receiving their concealed carry permits and doing so is seen as a sign of independence. After all, a woman who can handle a firearm isn't waiting for a knight in shining armor to arrive – she is the knight.

Maybe that's a stick in the eye for old fashioned romance – or a sign of a kindred soul?

Whichever the case may be, it's always best to be upfront and direct. If you're legally carrying a concealed firearm and you intend to take it with you on a date – your date should be aware of that. That's an ethical choice that can only be made by you. Depending on your state's permit requirements, you may not be legally required to disclose whether or not you have a concealed pistol on your person.

Who knows? Maybe your potential future partner-in-crime appreciates that you're thinking ahead in terms of security and safety. It could also be a great invitation to another date spent on the firing range. The secret to a good, healthy relationship is always found in good communication. If you are going to be investing your trust and emotions into another person, shouldn't you tell them you have a firearm on you?

Ways to Tell Your Date you conceal carry

Prior to the date

It doesn't take long to casually inform him or her that you intend to take your pistol or revolver along for the ride. If the person isn't acquainted with you, it's definitely recommended you do this prior. More importantly, it builds trust and confidence that you intend to do the right thing.

During the date

Sometimes you can lead into this piece of conversation. While not the ideal approach, it can sometimes be a pleasant way to discuss your thoughts on the matter and get hers in return. Who knows? Maybe you two have more in common than you previously thought. More importantly, it can be an opportunity to see if there's a common interest in guns and work from there.

After the date

Sometimes the opportunity doesn't present itself and for whatever reason you choose to not disclose you're armed. This may even be the case for a woman who is concealed carrying in her purse or a discrete inside the waistband holster. She wants the security of knowing she can protect herself and doesn't want to discuss it any further. It's still good to eventually let your date know that you carried... But it's still your call.

Concealed carry in the dating scene - what not to do

conceal carry on a date

The back end of a bad joke

On dates, people get nervous. They mess up their words or say things they don't particularly mean. If words aren't your strong suit that evening, don't dig yourself deeper into the hole by making a lurid joke about having a gun. It's one thing to inform her that you intend to (or are) carrying a firearm for personal safety – it's another thing to let your words fall flat and insinuate other, less savory things.

Whipping your gun out

Fundamentals of firearms safety apply no matter what emotional state a person is in. No matter how enthusiastic he or she may be about your firearm, that's never an excuse to just idly whip it out in public. Some may be impressed, others maybe scared – but no friends are getting made that night.

Fumbling Around aka “Long Kiss Goodnight”

The worst time to find out someone is armed is in the heat of the moment. The last thing you want him or her doing with your waistband is unknowingly stumbling into your inside the waistband concealed carry holster.

Have any great stories about how you told your date about your concealed carry firearm? What was his or her reaction? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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