Over the last few years, the scrutiny and ignorance law enforcement officers have endured are hard to put into words. A once heroic career path is now painted by the mainstream media as villainous. If there were ever a question on what our stance at Alien Gear is on this matter, we hope our answer is made clear in the dedication, collaboration, and innovation of the Rapid Force Duty Holster.

But to be very clear, we “Back the Blue.”

The Rapid Force line isn’t just made for police and military officers but is crafted on their experience and feedback. We don’t believe the men and women who choose to protect and serve are simply “doing their job.” We believe that they have taken an oath of leadership and sacrifice for the well-being of our communities. We appreciate the time taken from their families and friends for our own.

This spirit of Rapid Force Duty Holsters is in the respect and relationship built with amazing men and women who wear the badge. 

Perfect Partners

The Rapid Force Duty Holster line reflects our partnership with LEO and Military personnel. Our team consists of individuals with both police and military backgrounds, but we also collaborate with those actively policing or serving in and out of our state. Every adjustment, addition, or enhancement is tested and reviewed with their experience and the innovation of our R&D team. While we understand every officer will have a preferred way to carry, we want to address the most common issues of on-duty carrying. 

These collaborative efforts are in the DNA of how Rapid Force products interact. With the addition of the LVL 2 Slim Holster, the original Rapid Force Duty Holster has found the perfect partner to address other on/off duty contexts. Whether you’re a detective, investigator, or officer on training assignments, our Quick Disconnect System (QDS) platform makes transitioning in different contexts seamless. The other major component of its partnership is the transference of the intuitive draw. By carrying on the same thumb swipe retention system found in the original Rapid Force Duty Holster, users will continue to use that same natural thumb motion with the LVL 2 Slim Holster.

Rapid Force Duty Holster

While the original Rapid Force Duty Holster was built to endure the roughest aspects of duty, our LVL 2 Slim is a durable option for unmarked and off-duty scenarios. However, due to the on-call nature of the job, we understand that officers need to have the flexibility to gear up for heavy-duty encounters at a moment’s notice. We hope that by creating a system that allows for easy and intuitive transitions, officers can keep their focus on what is most important.

Built To Handle the Pressure

One of the elements that set Rapid Force apart from other competitors is the build. With our proprietary polymer blend, every Rapid Force product is 20% lighter, 40% stronger, and 80% more heat resistant, with a melt temperature 55% higher than Kydex. Since we injection mold all our products in our Post Falls, ID factory, we have significantly reduced the margin of human error that affects the consistency and quality of holster products.

Duty Holster Maufacturing

While we have done extensive testing to ensure our holsters can handle extreme conditions, we are grateful that others have decided to conduct their own testing. We couldn’t be prouder that it continues to withstand some of the harshest treatment from the people whose lives depend on durable and functional holsters. Here is what they have to say:

Versatility: The QDS Ecosystem

From a standard belt mount, drop legs, and everything in between, we’ve taken some of the most popular forms of carrying and strengthened them through Rapid Force innovation. Using the same material and process our holsters are made from, we have built an ecosystem of holster support products that will keep up with our holsters. For both the Rapid Force Duty Holster and LVL 2 Slim, we offer the following products:

Duty Holster Carry Types

Our newest offerings – the Swivel Drop Leg and Locking Belt Slide – are the perfect examples of innovating with officers. The Swivel Drop Leg moves with your leg’s natural range of motion, making standing, squatting, or sitting with a drop leg easier. Another issue resolved is the lack of real estate the product uses on your leg without compromising the durability or integrity of the device. One strap and one swivel bar are all you need to run a safe and functional drop leg. 

The Locking Belt Slide has answered the needs of officers looking for a quick-fit mounting system that doesn’t lose the strength found in other traditional belt mounts. With no need to remove your belt, the Locking Belt Slide snaps over the belt and locks into place by the mounted holster. 

The Road Ahead

As we continue to expand and explore our relationship with various officers, departments, and military sectors, our goal is to meet the most pressing needs with high-quality equipment. While we certainly can’t predict every issue ahead of the curve, we will continue to support law enforcement by listening to their honest feedback and providing innovative solutions. How we “Back the Blue” will always be visible through the products we make with and for them. If you are one of the brave men or women who depend on our product and have the desire to see our product grow, please reach out. We'd love to hear from you.