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handgun sights for concealed carry

Are Handgun Sights Necessary For Concealed Carry?

Even though a lot of concealed carriers train to fire instinctively at center mass – handgun sights still play a pivotal role in good marksmanship. Fast reflexes aren't enough to save the day – you have to focus on the threat in front of you and the ones that could be right around the corner. Handgun sights are one of the most overlooked parts of pistol or revolver selection but they are arguably a crucial piece as anything else. If you don't trust the sights on your concealed carry pistol – you're apt to ignore them in a fast situation.

Not all targets will be 10 feet away from you. They may indeed be up to 30 or more feet away.

Benefits Of Handgun Sights

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Handgun sights need to help you gain sight alignment and sight picture. Sight picture relates to the overall target. Sight alignment is getting the front sight post lined up with the divet in the rear sights to ensure you have as clear a line as possible to the target.

When practicing, it's always a good idea to aim for center mass. Headshots, shots on appendages or limbs – this is all unnecessary. If you're able to reliably pull your pistol and place two consecutive shots center mass, you're on the path to doing that in real life. The larger target is usually the easiest to hit.

Night Sights – The Realities Of Situational Awareness

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A lot of burglaries, robberies, and violent activities occur during night time hours. If your pistol or revolver is equipped with Tricon or similar reflective material, it can help you spot the sights even in a very darkened environment. Night sights are a good confirmation that the barrel is on target – and all the more necessary when light isn't abundant.

Laser Sights And Flashlight For Darkened Environments

handgun sights for concealed carry

For home defense or late-night occupational hazards, laser sights provide an excellent way to get on target faster. Generally, once sighted in, they provide a reflexive response to the situation. They are no substitute for iron sights. They are a great addition TO iron sights.

Do Concealed Carriers Need Handgun Sights?

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It may not be necessary to go out and buy specialized handgun sights for concealed carry purposes. A lot of marksmen and competitive shooters will put a lot of priority into their sights because that's what they need to get tight shot groupings. For the average concealed carrier, a good set of night sights is recommended – however, most standard sights may suffice.

Getting a laser or flashlight attachment for a pistol isn't the worse idea. It does provide a faster response time from draw to shot placement.

In conclusion, your concealed carry pistol should always have some system of iron sights incorporated because ultimately this is how you hit targets at distance. For close, reflexive shooting – sights are still always a great idea.

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