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gun gift ideas for the concealed carry mom

Mother's Day Gift Ideas For The Pistol-Packin' Mama In Your Life

If you want to get your gun-owning wife or mom some great Mother's Day gifts, here are some fantastic suggestions to start with. Shopping for people can be hard, but when your loved one is into guns and shooting, that gives you a great place to start looking.

There are all sorts of fantastic gun-related gifts that anyone would be thrilled to receive, but here are some that will put a smile on your wife or mom's face. Some are great general gifts, others are better for concealed carry, but all make great gifts.

A Concealed Carry Purse...IF Designed Correctly

purse for concealed carry mothers day gift idea

You shouldn't carry off the body, but if your mom or wife is the sort that insists on doing so...get them a proper concealed carry purse. Again, no one should carry off the body as it isn't exactly in keeping with the best practices of gun safety. That said, if one must...there are a few things to look for.

Make sure the purse has a dedicated pocket or enclosure for the gun. Make sure that it includes a holster of some sort. Usually it's a sort of sleeve or pouch that you insert the gun in, which is sort of a bare minimum. If you could put an actual holster in the purse, that would be better.

So yes, you could give a concealed carry purse as a gift...but it's not necessarily the best way to carry.

A Comfortable Concealed Carry Holster And Other Activities

Another great gift for Mother's Day is a carry holster, in case your wife or mom just got themselves a new carry piece. However, you don't want to give them some generic, floppy holster that you wouldn't carry with. A gifted holster should be custom-molded for the pistol the firearm is going to be carrying, to ensure a proper fit, and comfortable enough to actually carry with.

comfortable concealed carry with the shapeshift 4.0 iwb holster

If you really wanted to dial it up, a modular holster system with multiple carry options would be even better.

Handgun Grips Or A Grip Sleeve

handgun grips for dressing up a gun as a mother's day gift

A great way to dress a gun up is to add handgun grips or a grip sleeve. These can dress up the appearance of a favorite pistol but also add a bit of function as well. You can get a better grip on the pistol, and many have found a grip sleeve is a great aid in shooting slim subcompact carry pistols.

Hogue and plenty of other makers are out there; the question is what kind of grips mom would like.

You can add wood grips to dress up that CZ-75 or 1911, or a pink grip sleeve for that Shield or Glock 26. Makes a great Mother's Day gift either way.

Ammunition For Mother's Day

ammunition as a gift for mother's day

This may be a bit on the obvious side, but if your wife or mom likes to do a bit of shooting, then ammunition makes a fantastic Mother's Day gift. Who doesn't want a bit more ammo for that next trip to the range or other shooting locations?

Pick up a few boxes of hardball for shooting practice, or perhaps a box or two of their favorite carry ammo. Having some is good. Having more is better.

Range Bag

range bag as a mother's day gift

Instead of a concealed carry purse, which as mentioned isn't really the best carry method, how about a killer range bag as a Mother's Day gift? A range bag is a wonderful bit of kit, allowing a person to pack up the various accessories and so forth that they need in order to grab and go to the range.

Drop Leg Holster For Range Days And So Much More

Another great gift for Mother's Day is the gift of the best open carry possible, and just how does one get that? A great drop leg holster. There isn't a better method for carrying when you don't care about concealment.

You do, however, want to get a quality model. A molded, contoured leg platform is a good start, with a custom-molded holster for the make and model pistol they carry.

mother's day drop leg holster gift

Adjustable retention is also a good feature to have, and possibly the ability to choose active or passive retention methods. Being able to carry a couple spare magazines isn't a bad feature either.

Designer Gun Case For Mother's Day

designer gun case for mother's day gift

Another great gun gift for Mother's Day is a gun case. There are a great many producers and styles available, including soft padded cases with designer flair or hard cases for safe storage or traveling with concealed carry guns.

If someone needs a good gun case, it's a great gift to give.

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