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Ruger Security 9 Review

The Security 9 is a pleasantly-priced compact-ish 9mm pistol offering astounding value for money, as we will discuss in this Ruger Security 9 review. When it comes to value for money, it's almost unbeatable because it's a fantastic carry gun.

But nevermind the pricing; this is just a good pistol, full-stop. Is it perfection personified? Maybe not, but it makes some very popular pistols of comparable size and class seem downright overpriced by comparison.

Let's get into the Ruger Security 9 review.

Ruger Security 9 Based On LCP Operating System, References Classic Gun

The Ruger Security 9 is something of a paradox. It's a value gun, but it has features normally found on much more expensive pistols. It doesn't feel cheap at all, it just feels solidly built. It's a rather simple gun, but you couldn't say it's completely unrefined.

The firing system is a slightly scaled-up version of the LCP, Ruger's uber-popular pocket pistol. Obviously, the Security 9 is made for the 9mm cartridge whereas the LCP is a .380. The LCP, for those unaware, is double-action-only with a shrouded internal hammer. You can't cock it; every trigger pull cocks and drops the hammer.

The Security 9 likewise has a shrouded hammer and is a DAO pistol, but the trigger spring system has been tuned for a light trigger pull.

The Security 9 is named as a reference to the Security-Six pistol, part a family of mid-size revolvers built for the law enforcement/private security market. The Security-Six was a double-action revolver platform built for the .357 Magnum cartridge, and was replaced in the Ruger catalog by the GP100. The original gun was a no-nonsense tank of a pistol, considered by many LEOs and revolver aficionados to be vastly more durable than the Colt Python and Smith and Wesson revolvers such as Models 19, 66 and 586.

The Security 9 seems to be made along the same lines, but is obviously a polymer-framed semi-auto. The only frills on the original were wood grips and target sights, but you get a few more perks with Security 9.